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  1. Update date:Sep 2nd, 2014 SDK runtime version:2.0.0 SDK document version:1.1.17 Readme file for MX Skin SDK v1.1.17 =========================================== This package contains : readme.txt This file _build_mx3.bat Batch file for packing MX3 skin _explode_mx3.bat Batch file for unpacking MX3 skin _build_mx4.bat Batch file for packing MX4 skin _explode_mx4.bat Batch file for unpacking MX4 skin first.png Source image file of sample skin (Fireworks Editable PNG) first.mxskin Sample MX3 skin package first_mx4.mxskin Sample MX4 skin package doc\ skin-tutorial.doc Tutorial for newbie skin makers. skin-engine-features.doc Introduction to the features of the skin system. skin-system-reference.doc Detailed reference document of the skin system. mxpak\ makpak.exe Packer executable unpak.exe Unpacker executable If this is the first time you play with mx skin system, we recommend you: 1. Read the tutorial "skin-tutorial.doc" and get a basic idea of how a skin is built. 2. Double click on the "_explode_mx3.bat/_explode_mx4.bat", unpack "first_mx4.mxskin" and examine the sample skin source. 3. Read the "skin-engine-features.doc" if you want to know more about the features of the skin engine. 4. Look up commands and objects in the "skin-system-reference.doc" when you're working on your skin. MxPacker
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