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  1. Hi there! Let me introduce you a new extension for our Maxthon browser . Feedly can be an alternative to Maxthons RSS Reader. Description: Home page & more infos: https://feedly.com/i/welcome Download: Extension is now available in Maxthon Extension Center - http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=2946 I hope you'll enjoy it!
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  2. For my part, I'm very happy that Maxthon decided to integrate ABP. An addon would be interesting too. Ad Hunter is pretty useless on lots of websites I use every day. It doesn't block flash banners, pop under and so on. I have to confess that sometimes, I use Chrome+ABP when I know I'll be inundated with ads on a website. Ad Hunter is (or try to be) an adblocker, not a tool used to modify CSS. It fails very often. It's not acceptable for a browser like Maxthon which has so many powerful features, not to have a decent adblocker. I really don't understand you guys, even if I respect your opinions. Ad Hunter is the #1 weakness in Maxthon and the only reason why I (and probably lots of other people) always go back to an other browser with a decent adblock. I know for sure that if Maxthon has its own ABP (integrated or addon), I have no reason to go back to Chrome, Firefox or IE.
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