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  1. Update date:Sep 2nd, 2014 SDK runtime version:2.0.0 SDK document version:1.1.17 Readme file for MX Skin SDK v1.1.17 =========================================== This package contains : readme.txt This file _build_mx3.bat Batch file for packing MX3 skin _explode_mx3.bat Batch file for unpacking MX3 skin _build_mx4.bat Batch file for packing MX4 skin _explode_mx4.bat Batch file for unpacking MX4 skin first.png Source image file of sample skin (Fireworks Editable PNG) first.mxskin Sample MX3 skin package first_mx4.mxskin Sample MX4 skin package doc\ skin-tutorial.doc Tutorial for newbie skin makers. skin-engine-features.doc Introduction to the features of the skin system. skin-system-reference.doc Detailed reference document of the skin system. mxpak\ makpak.exe Packer executable unpak.exe Unpacker executable If this is the first time you play with mx skin system, we recommend you: 1. Read the tutorial "skin-tutorial.doc" and get a basic idea of how a skin is built. 2. Double click on the "_explode_mx3.bat/_explode_mx4.bat", unpack "first_mx4.mxskin" and examine the sample skin source. 3. Read the "skin-engine-features.doc" if you want to know more about the features of the skin engine. 4. Look up commands and objects in the "skin-system-reference.doc" when you're working on your skin. MxPacker
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  2. Finally managed to figure this out after a little bit of help. Not sure if it works as intended, but looks to be doing what it's supposed to do. If you could try it out and let me know if there are any issues (or if it works at all). From there i'll clean up some stuff and submit to the extension site if the original creator is ok with it. NOTE: it's still a test version, so just be wary that it may not work as expected. EDIT: Final version has been submitted to the extension site. Will provide link once approved.
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