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  1. Translated weekend №3. Google+ Do we have any reason to talk about what is Google+? Google+ for Maxthon has: mobile version of G+ in sidebar ("x" really closes window) website menu in toolbar script for fast sharing (works via this page) script for fast search in G+ (works with selected text) Now extension is translated only in Russian and English. But switching of languages in Google works very badly, so I just took Russian terms and translated in English. Perhaps Google uses other words. So I could make mistakes. If you find it or if you want to help with translation into your language please contact me. ENGLISH - RUSSIAN New post - Опубликовать Search - Найти News feed - Лента Notifications - Оповещения Profile - Профиль People - Люди Photos - Фото Collections - Подборки Popular - Популярное Communities - Сообщества Events - Мероприятия Pages - Страницы Settings - Настройки Support - Помощь Share +1 - Поделиться +1 Rate and Review - Оценки и замечания I'm in Google+ - Я в Google+ Maxthon in Google+ - Maxthon в Google+ P.S. Maxthon still does not support Hangouts. Or Hangouts does not support Maxthon. It's problem of browser, not extension. If somebody can fix it via script and ViolentMonley, I can add it here. P.P.S MX Skin - Ultimate Chrome by Wilser (Peru) UPD: Google+ was updated and new version is already available for desktop and apps. My extension works via mobile website, but this changes did not affect mobile website. What should we do? I already made new version, which works via new desktop website. It looks cool. With new website I can add your profile on toolbar like in extensions for Facebook, Twitter or VK. But there are not some old website menu points (for exemple, Explore (Popular) and Notifications on the own page). New website works fast and may be used in sidebar. But I think that some users like old mobile version. And maybe Google will update it too. So I ask you: What website do you want to see in the sidebar and in the window in toolbar? New desktop or old mobile version? Just vote here.
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