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  1. There are several ways to make room for the window controls. 1. Unpack the skin 2. In main you can enter this in skin.css .tabbar .max-spacer{ display: block; width: 120px; } It will overwrite an entry in tabbar > index.css. The value 120 is one I've seen used, but you can adjust it as needed. Or you can enter this in skin.css in the main folder tabbar-container { flow: horizontal; width: 100%%; height: 100%%; margin-left:-5px; padding-right:80px; } This overwrites an entry in tabbar > conntainer.css. The immportant value is padding-right. Note here 80px is specified. Adjust as nneeded. 3. Repackage skin. I have used both methods in some skin mods with success. <<SL>>
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