Security Q&A

Security Tips


Q:What's the encryption method of Passkeeper?

A:In the process of data storage and network transmission, Passkeeper uses multiple encryption techniques including AES256 and multiple verification techniques to make sure your password information security.


Q:Will I lose my passwords?

A:The saved passwords will sync to the Cloud after encryption, and won't be affected by devices change.


Q:If my Maxthon Account’s password has been stolen, what should I do?

A:If you find your password has been stolen, please change to a more complicated password immediately. In "Devices Records" of Passkeeper, you can see your devices login records clearly, and any strange login records will also be very clear.


Q:Could others view my passwords by decrypting local files?

A:The local data has been double-encrypted by Passkeeper, using database and AES256 encryption techniques.


Q:If Maxthon's server is hacked, what should I do?

A:The data stored in the Cloud has been double-encrypted, it even can’t be seen by Maxthon’s internal staff, and it’s hard to be cracked by hackers.


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