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  2. Hello! Just noticed, ALL passwords lost (except those added over last week or so). Also, can no longer login to Maxthon (despite clearly already being logged in as all other settings & password sites & usernames are present)... Click 'Login to Maxthon', select account, doesn't ask for password & just sets browser window to non-maximised & that's it! --- Looks like Maxthon had created a local copy of the account, with no passwords, even to login to Passkeeper & had logged me out of the online account... I'm back in now, but don't think it should have done that anyway!
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  4. Hi phoenix-76, this issue has been fixed in the latest version, could you please try to update it?
  5. Hi MichaelC362, I tried to test this issue on different devices but haven't reproduced it, could you please provide a short video of it? Suggestion recorded.😊 Currently, you could open mx://downloads to view the download tasks.
  6. Hi MichaelC362, if you still epxerience this issue in v6.2.0.800, please send the latest crash report to me. 😊
  7. Hi @zork @observer, could you please go the system theme settings, snap the screenshot and send it to me?
  8. Hi saman_rm, I tried to test this issue on my end but haven't reproduced it, could you please provide a short video?
  9. Hi Mhzayer, this function is already included in the right click menu for tab. You could also restore tabs by clicking on the drop-down list under the restore button.
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  11. You keep saying that, but you still haven't explained "what it does" that's DIFFERENT than the MX6 Start Page/Express Panel/Quick Access? In MX6 the "link icons" are there and you can have as many and what you want. So, I don't understand your need? What's different with those icons and MX5's? Are you simply wanting "8" icons at top, instead of the 6? If so, you can request a feature that we select how many "columns" we want, and maybe even "rows" too, and then the icons adjust their "size" automatically? And of course you DO know you can EDIT the icons by Right-Clicking and have them do almost anything you want? Otherwise, not sure what you're asking? ------ Developers BUG... Sometimes when starting the browser from the pinned Taskbar Icon, it opens the Max News Page instead of your Last Open Pages as you have set in settings. However, closing the browser and then opening it again, WILL open the last open pages as it should. It's done this twice that I've noticed... Not sure how it occurred the first time, but the second time it occurred I had turned off the "power" to my system without a proper shutdown, started the system, then went to open Maxthon and it went to the Max News Page on initial opening of the browser. Restart of the browser DID open the last opened pages as it's supposed to. Version .800, 64bit, Install, Win10 Pro...
  12. I have been asking for a long time to return it as an option in the browser settings. Implementation option - In the settings you put a tick in the checkbox - it appears. You shoot - it disappears. The data in it is synchronized. The block is disabled by default. Who needs it can turn it on. Those who are used to it in maxton 5 will be comfortable. Those who do not need it will not even see it. Please return this block in this form in the express panel (Quick Access) --------- Я давно прошу вернуть его в виде опции в настройках браузера. Вариант реализации - В настройках ставишь галочку в чекбоксе - он появляется. Снимаешь - исчезает. Данные в нем синхронизируются. По умолчанию отключен блок отключен. Кому надо - может включить. Тем кто привык к нему в макстон 5 - будет удобно. Тем кому это не нужно - его даже не увидит. Прошу вернуть этот блок в таком виде в экспресс панели(Quick Aсcess)
  13. Very strange I have the same theme setting but still looks OK Maybe because of your low dpi 1680x1080 on win 10 😜
  14. Which version are you using..? 64bit, 32bit, Install version, Portable version? I'm using 64bit Install, never had your problem. Same settings as you, though Win10 Pro 4K.
  15. Here are my settings: Win 11, 2560x1440 @home, Win 10 1680x1080 @office (appearence and settings are the same).//sorry guys, 1680x1080 is ok There is no difference in Mx 500-800. I thought it's "a should be" appearence, so didn't notice earlier.
  16. Я всегда блокировал этот блок в блокировщике рекламы, т.к. он мне мешал. Если его снова добавят без возможности скрытия, то это станет для меня проблемой, потому что теперь на стартовой странице заблокировать не получается. Ещё бы строку поиска удалить оттуда! I have always blocked this block in my ad blocker. he bothered me. If it is added again without the possibility of hiding, then this will become a problem for me, because now it is impossible to block on the start page. Still would be to remove the search bar from there!
  17. I want to bring back the top part (8 sites/images/links), possibly as an option in the browser settings, so that the express bar looks the same as in Maxthon 5 for those who want to see the familiar look of the bar in the new version of the browser. Those who do not need it can simply disable the option in the settings. ----------- Я хочу чтобы вернули вернюю часть (8 сайтов/картинок/ссылок), возможно в виде опции в настройках браузера, чтобы экспресс панель выглядела так же как в Maxthon 5 у тех, кто хочет видеть привычный вид панели в новой версии браузера. Те, кому это не нужно , могут просто опцию в настройках не включать
  18. Is it possible to have the reopen last closed tab in the right click action on the tabs toolbar
  19. Could you explain what's different about MX5's Start Page (what you're calling "Express Panel" or "Quick Access") compared the MX6's (see below)...? I stopped using Maxthon after the Classic version... so not familiar with all the features of later versions like MX5. Your screenshot above looks mostly the same as the current MX6's Start Page (see below) except you seem to have a second section at the bottom which has "more than one link" in each quick link icon? So, not sure what you're requesting... Just curious. Thanks
  20. Last week
  21. 1) Download manager Please add the ability to manually resize the window in which you can see the downloaded files (Download manager) Now this is not possible. In Maxton 5, this window could be resized. The ability to resize the window is necessary. Sometimes the file names are very long, and for the convenience of using the browser, the user needs to decide for himself what size of the donload manager window he needs. ---- Пожалуйста, добавьте возможность самостоятельно изменить размер окна в котором видно скачанные файлы (Download manager) Сейчас это не возможно. В макстон 5 размер этого окна можно было изменять. Возможность изменения размера окна необходима. Иногда названия файлов очень длинные, и для удобства пользования браузером пользователю необходимо самому решать какой размер окна donload manager ему нужен. Add an option in the settings to make the quick launch bar look the same as in maxthon5. For those who care about it, it will be turned on. Добавьте опцию в настройках чтобы панель быстрого запуска выглядела так же как в maxthon5. Тем кому это важно - ее включат. 2) Express panel (Quick Access)
  22. Please indicate the SKIN and your OS, and which download/version you're using... I don't have that issue using the default skin.
  23. interface customize icon is not shown correctly (padding error)
  24. Maxthon for me is always being set as the Default Browser... It also shows as such in Settings. On Win10 Pro... 64bit Install .800 version. So, can't confirm that problem. Problem doesn't occur for me... I can clear the .exe I just downloaded to test. Win10 Pro, 64bit Install .800 version. You all need to state your system and Install version, and possibly post your logs!
  25. Hello! The last few versions, despite 'set as default' ticked, installation actually removes any default web browser! Upon first start after installing new version, Maxthon prompts to ask to set as default (despite having been already ticked before installing), but doing so still shows in Windows settings, there is no default web browser. Manually setting Maxthon as the default (in Windows settings) works fine & stays that way.
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