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  2. Absolutely right! I wrote about this a long time ago, but they still haven’t done it like in the 5th version.
  3. Yes. This is very important for those that have so many bookmarks It's a lot easier and more convenient At least you make it an option so that those that don't like it could easily uncheck it
  4. Requesting MX team again: Please make bookmarks menu scroll horizontally (left to right). Please.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Ahoj, tak bohužel také ne. Je to nefunkční. Zkoušelj sem odinstalovat Maxthon přes revo uninstaler a odebrat vše co je v PC. Čistá instalace a také to nefunguje. Jen jsem si zadělal na problémy. Teď už funguje až na ten zas... Vbox + překladač v adresním řádku ten je taky mrtvý.
  7. Hi MichaelC362, noted on this. In case if it happens again, do let us know and I will get the development team to check on it. Thanks MichaelC362, I have tried accessing the website but wasn't prompted for cookie action; neither when downloading. In case same thing happens after you disable the extensions, do let us know and we will perform further testing to check.
  8. Hi Firge, kindly make sure you exit the browser before deleting all the files in VBox folder under your local drive. Do look under the 'Roaming' folder and search for VBox as well. Delete all files in there if there are any. After deleting, launch the browser again and you should be able to reset the PIN.
  9. Last week
  10. Ahoj, děkuji za radu. Zkoušel jsem i několikrát bohužel bez výsledku. Stále to samé beze změny.
  11. I should also report that the download manager still shows occasional duplicate entries, which are not removed when clearing the list, implying cache issues (which has been cleared & didn't help). It's done this since Maxthon v6 was first released & is been reported every few releases. It happens on different computers, with different versions & releases of Windows & with different extensions (I always have an ad-blocker (previously Ad-Block Plus, then Ad-Guard & now uBlock Origin), ever since you removed the built-in Ad-Block Plus). When downloading ".exe" installers, most (but not all) also still don't have the program icon, but instead either my user icon or just a blank icon - this has also been an issue since v6 first released. Another (maybe) issue, I goto (I see this on other sites too) most days to download updated versions of various programs & each day, when I first goto the site, I'm prompted for cookie action (e.g. allow all/custom/etc), separately for Windows, Linux & macOS (i.e. if downloading a Windows program, prompted for first, but no others after, but if then downloading a macOS program, prompted again (& again if Linux))... this could be related to one or a combination of my extensions, but I see it both at work & at home... I'll try disabling the extensions, one by one, & see if that helps & report back
  12. I should say, it didn't do this on any previous upgrade, with the same tabs set to load at startup & with those same extensions present & running
  13. Hi MichaelC362, there's a possibility that some interference occurred between a certain extension and the loading of websites / certain features. Which is why we usually advise user to disable all extensions and try again before determining if it is a bug.
  14. It only did it on the first load - afterwards & today it was ok, however, when I next upgrade, I can try that first. I have uBlock Origin, DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials & Webroot's Web Threat Shield (that last one not by choice!). These are quite popular extensions, so are you saying Maxthon has issues with (some?) extensions?
  15. Hi fir, kindly go to your local drive and delete the account file folder in VBox ---> C:\Users\*****\AppData\Local\VBox
  16. Hi MichaelC362, could you disable all extensions and relaunch the browser to see if this issue persist?
  17. Oops, retro mode is retro. In ultra mode works fine. Thanks.
  18. Dobrý den, děkuji za odezvu. Zasílám snímky obrazovky.
  19. Hello! Upgraded to beta this morning, manually shut down running Maxthon at start of installer, when complete, Maxthon loaded with my 8 tabs I have set to load at startup, but, all of them just said, "Untitled" in the tab description & none of them loaded until I went to each & refreshed the page.
  20. Hi Firge, do you mean you are able to login to VBox but you do not remember the PIN code? Could you send a screenshot of what you see so I could check further for you?
  21. Cannot login to Maxthon (a 64 bit) on my PC. I get error 1007 user or pass not found
  22. Thanks for "Improved the default browser file association in the settings page".
  23. Hi veljo, seems like you are using retro mode, could you switch back to ultra mode and try again?
  24. Ahoj, rád bych Vás oslovil s řešením problému. Dnes jsem chtěl použít Vbox a ejhle chce to po mě pin. Bohužel si nepamatuji že bych Vbox někdy aktivoval to znamená že i pin bohužel neznám. Zkoušel jsem kde co a bez výsledku. Je tedy nějaká možnost jak Vbox resetovat. Z prohlížeče to nelze. nebo respektivě jsem nenašel způsob. Děkuji za jakou koli radu.
  25. On Windows 11, works normally. Another PC, Windows 10 (Version7.1.6.1800(64-bit)0918 09:47), they are still "compressed". AdBlock is green. No other extension installed.
  26. Good to see that this version doesn't open locked tabs blank And that opening thunderbird's links is not broken Thanks
  27. The only extension being used is AdBlock. I will try later and post the results.
  28. Hi zork, noted will report this to the development team.
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