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  2. Hello! It's still removing Windows' default browser setting (so none set) & now (previous version too), no longer prompts to set itself as default when loading
  3. feature request; 1-using google account 2-web torrent support
  4. @MichaelC362 MX6 has been stated to function on Windows 7 and up. You shouldn't have to upgrade your OS. Just a genuine question - why are you still using Win 8.1?
  5. Hello! Before upgrading Maxthon, I had www.bbc.co.uk open in a tab... After upgrading & restarting Maxthon, BBC's page tried to reload, but still completely black on black... same as before
  6. Hello! As I've said MANY times before, the videos you ask for would show exactly what I've already stated, so there's nothing to learn from them & therefore no point in sending them. Also, as stated before, our server has customer data on so we cannot allow remote access, which again, would only show what I've already stated too! I've worked with & serviced computers for a living for over 40 years, so have extensive knowledge of hardware & software &, like many here, recognize bugs when I see them! The Secure DNS URLs are: So the last 2 both appear to be wrong as they're the same address & both feature, rather than & They are also still giving the same error as before & still don't have descriptions saying what they filter (malware, adult sites, etc). Lastly, no, I will NOT be upgrading Windows 8.1 to 10/11 yet as it still has nearly 4 month's of Microsoft support left, it'll take ages & I can't spare the time now. Your request implies Maxthon isn't compatible with Windows 8.1... is that the case!?
  7. No, many people have this bug. This has been written about more than once. And there was no bug in the 6.1.хххх
  8. I'm sure the test version is always automatic delete by our office antivirus, but MX6 works well. So, I cannot help to test this version. by the way, this sync issue is not always happened. it's come from some time that I try to upgrade MX6.
  9. Can we add the feature from Mx5 that has an Auto-fill and Manual fill for passwords? I'm really concerned opening login pages and seeing a user and password fill. Also the list automatically pops up In Mx5, I have the option to manually fill my accounts. I can use double-click on the field to pop-up the list of my accounts.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Ya, I've never had that problem either... Seems to be unique ONLY to his system, themes, whatever.
  12. I don't have that problem, so there's nothing to fix for me.
  13. It's not funny anymore. 10 builds or more, you cannot fix the bug, it is visible immediately when you open the browser. It's a shame.
  14. here is one more thing. 3. icon does not disappear automatically
  15. Ah, ok. I suspected something like that. I don't use these apps. P.S. I remembered. I used Youtube and Outlook. They should be in Start Menu under Maxthon folder. May be different behavior if you use portable version.
  16. type edge://apps in edge, chrome://apps in chrome. you can see the app lists you have installed. I can't find apps in mx which I installed because mx doesn't have page (mx://apps) It's a very basic page but nobody asked about this problem. You can create shortcuts to desktop in app list page. or you have to make it by yourself like this to run app C:\MaxthonPortable\chrome_proxy.exe --profile-directory="Profile 1" --app-id=lainlkm...
  17. I even don't know what are you talking about
  18. 1. Can you check this crash report? browser is hanging/freezing when I visit a certain site. 2. It seems like I'm the only one who uses apps in mx reports.zip
  19. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Happy browser and leave your comment!
  20. + Added the Pin/Unpin options to Feature Management + Added Night Mode and Resource Sniffer options to the main menu + Supported customizing the Resource Sniffer shortcut + Adjusted Maxthon Beta updating logic - Fixed the issue that some websites' accounts and passwords could not auto-save in some cases - Fixed the issue that the browser exiting froze when closing VBox - Fixed the issue that Maxnote could not save the pasted image - Fixed the issue that the external link could not open in some cases - Fixed the issue that the tab lock button could not show in some cases
  21. Hi alexzhus, some issues reported by Michael are really hard to reproduce on my end, and Michael refused to provide the issue video many times, so I tried to suggest Michael update the system, really hope it can solve the issues. It would be appreciated if Michael would like to provide the issue video or accept our remote via AnyDesk. Hi MichaelC362, please help to check whether the URLs are correct or not when selecting😊
  22. Are you serious? Do you offer a person to update the system due to errors in the browser?
  23. Hi MichaelC362, it would be appreciated if you could provide a short video of the issues.Are you using the Windows 8 system? Would you mind updating the system to Windows 10? Hi MichaelC362, you mean the browser account? Could you please send the log files to me? To find the log files, you could open the folder "User Data." Hi Poizon, the dev team is working on optimizing the new tab page, and the issues will be fixed as soon as possible.😊
  24. Hi Wisely, thank you for your log files, could you please try this issue in the attached test version? 9.30test.exe
  25. Last week
  26. the same problems that I wrote about continue in version ...1400 and version ...1500
  27. That is an acceptable workaround for the moment. Thanks.
  28. Hello! Previously, often, but not always, when loading, Maxthon would just show a blank page (generally white on white, but links from quick launch were still showing when cursor moved around or if opened via a link, would show those links, but still white on white, so nothing visible). Now, black on black, even with Classic Theme & Windows NOT set to dark, but EVERY time. If I open another tab, it's (mostly, but even then not always on first go), fine. I also notice I can't always shut the last open tab... click the cross, but the page remains... open another (blank/quick launch) tab, then can shut the first ok. Lastly, since Chromium 106 is now the stable release, there's no point in putting 105 in Maxthon (you missed 104 completely!) & you should, within DAYS not MONTHS, release a new version of Maxthon, with any new stable core... what's the point of saying Maxthon is based on Chromium if you use such an old core that there's loads of compatibility issues!?
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