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  4. It's been a week; the silence is deafening 🙉. Are we to assume there is no plan yet? Chrome is saying "we highly recommend completing migration to Manifest V3 before June 2024", so only 6-months to go.
  5. The Telegram browser version, a finicky dance partner indeed.
  6. Hello! Is there any good reason why you've not updated the 'Release Notes' tab at the top of this page since 29 September, despite there being quite a few releases since then!? Sometimes I have to hunt around to find the current release as the last post might have been for an earlier version.
  7. It is impossible to select a chat in telegram-web! Mouse hover is highlighted, but you can't click! It worked at first, in the same version. After updating the telegram, it does not work, but in another browser it works.
  8. Last week
  9. and still not fixed. uncheck .webp and other types in settings, it unsets application (properties on files now show "Unknown application". assign another app in windows settings (or on file properties settings). close browser, reopen it Result: it is "Maxthon" again in file properties under "Opens with". In Maxthon settings; "Select file types that Maxthon will open by default" again shows webp & svg as checked.
  10. Did it, if Title empty, script will place '---' in csv
  11. Hello! After the upgrade, Maxthon wouldn't completely load - mostly white background & page unresponsive messages with wait or close... Tried multiple times, but no success. Restarted Windows & ok after! Don't normally need to do that. Surprised a new stable version released & you still haven't updated Chromium...
  12. Maxthon PC + Added reading mode and loud reading switch to the feature management page + Added option to create Maxnote shortcut in the installation window (formerly MaxNote popup) * Optimized memory usage for an enhanced browsing experience. Browser memory usage reduced by 20% * Added Device management feature to the Maxthon account page. You can view the list of devices logged into the Maxthon Browser so that you can easily log out of your Maxthon account and remove the device * Optimized interaction for the free gold (Powered by Bright Data) * Updated translations for multiple languages * Fixed an issue with incorrect tag in auto-refresh settings * Fixed known crashes
  13. This is NOT fixed and terribly annoying! Using latest beta, Version7.1.7.5301 (64-bit). Yes, now it is possible to uncheck .webp checkbox, but after closing Maxthon and reopening it assignes itself as program for these filetypes again (Win10 x64 22H2). Sometimes it's not checked on settings page immediuately, but becomes checked after updating the page. Please fix properly!
  14. I am not sure what to feedback (some mx7 generated reports?) and where to feedback.
  15. Ok,How to print MaxNote, thanks I found it, thanks
  16. Hi una00, there is no printing function in Note Popup. You could only print in MaxNote.
  17. How to print Note Popup, thanks
  18. Earlier
  19. Hi Magdalene, if that is the case then you may not be able to recover the data since it is not sync.
  20. Hi MichaelC362, request recorded.
  21. Indeed, User-Agent Switcher for Chrome helped. Thanks bro 🤝
  22. Why write like that, with such emphasis? It's impossible to read.
  23. В Maxthon (64 бит) всё нормально работает, даже при авторизации. В данный момент на Maxthon слушаю музыку. [In Maxthon (64 bit) everything works fine too, even when authorizing. I am currently listening to music on Maxthon] P.S. Maxthon PC beta тоже нормально на Яндекс.Музыка работает. Можете попробовать поставить какое-то дополнение с подменой User-Agent. У Maxthon он всё ещё c версией Хрома "Chrome/", а последняя версия Хромиум уже 119. Хотя, у меня и без подмены юзер-агента нормально работает, нет сообщения об устаревшем браузере. Возможно у меня какое-то дополнение блокирует проверку версий браузера на сайтах. [P.S. Maxthon PC beta also works fine on Yandex.Music. You can try putting some add-on with User-Agent spoofing. Maxthon still has it with Chrome version "Chrome/", and the latest version of Chrome is already 119. Although, I have it working fine without the user-agent swap, no message about an outdated browser. Maybe I have some add-on blocking browser version checking on sites.]
  24. Hello! The "works" PC is on Windows 10 & the "home" PC is Windows 11... Never seen that prompt on Windows 10, but, last night, when I upgraded Maxthon, I did see it, for the first time, on Windows 11. Can the installer not simply check if a shortcut already exists on the taskbar & only prompt if not present!?
  25. Hello, just wondering what MX's approach to the incoming update of Manifest v2 to v3 will be? Will there be a workaround to Adblocker limitations?
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