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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hi I have meet some bugs which is cannot click bookmarks and some button. bandicam 2022-01-23 06-03-24-718.mp4
  3. I have a huge delay in displaying the dialog box after starting a download with this new release.😕
  4. Hello! You're behind again on Chromium (96.0.4664.45 / 97.0.4692.99)... since the updates are almost always entirely security & bug fixes, you really need to keep this up-to-date. Are you planning on adding back in a selectable & editable user agent, like Mx5 had? I often found this useful for older websites that otherwise wouldn't work.
  5. When I upgrade portable version, I always unzip all files and folder in zip file into the folders of previous version. It mostly runs well except sometimes I will find it runs abonormally. For example, this time, I open this yahoo page: https://tw.news.yahoo.com/直播/亞旭電腦確診數暴增-陳時中下午-2-時記者會說明-024406489.html , scroll down to middle of page to leave some post, normally when I start typing some contents in the text box, the words on bottom rightmost will turn to blue and become clickable (this word means posting). However, It stays disabled (the word is keeping being light-grey color). If I use clean install (Unzp new version into a clean new folders), it runs correct. What's wrong with my overwrite install method? What could cause the different behavior? Is there any way to fix it? p.s. The version is always newest. This time it's
  6. Last week
  7. Last Session tab still continues to never finish loading in x64 exe version. When I mouse over tab its says "This Tab is Sleeping". X64 portable version works fine.
  8. Hello! On quick Launch, there's no option to refresh the entries (some browsers allow setting a refresh interval (minutes, hours, days, etc) & some are missing the 'favicon' icon (true previously too)
  9. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Happy browser and leave your comment!
  10. + Added the progress bar to the video pop-up window + Added volume switch and control bar to the video pop-up window + Supported the system dark theme + Optimized the browser startup speed + Adjusted the default option of "disable autoplay" to uncheck - Fixed the issue that some websites could not play in some cases - Fixed the issue that browser data could not sync in some cases - Fixed the issue that the history page could not display the correct search results - Fixed the issue that the browser taskbar icon could not display correctly - Fixed the issue that the free domain could not be registered - Fixed the crash issue when closing the recently visited tabs
  11. Maxthon is a freeware web browser developed by the company Maxthon Ltd., based in Beijing, China. It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and as Maxthon Mobile for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8. Since version 6 Maxthon is based on Chromium.
  12. Hi hidemyname_143, welcome to the Maxthon Community! Do download and install MX6 latest version V6.1.3.1200 and give it a try! We welcome all feedback and suggestions from members
  13. Hi Everyone! Newbie here! Thanks Maxthon for letting me in!
  14. Hi TheWhitestOfFangs, I did not find this option, could you provide the screenshot or video of it? 😊
  15. Hi TheWhitestOfFangs, we managed to reproduce this issue on our end and has reported this bug to the development team
  16. Hi pks01, the development team has reloaded uu.me and you should be able to access it now
  17. Not that I'm aware of. I don't get this window and most sites I use have HTTPS protocol.
  18. Hey @Bugir009 To be clear, I refer to the "Settings -> Advanced -> Site Settings" content. For example, all of what was discussed here was simply erased:
  19. Feature request: in History tab search results in MX6 generated without timestamps (dates and hours when page was visited) unlike it was in MX5.
  20. Hello. Seems like Favourites sync issue is back - my two (64-bit/install) 0114 instances are out of sync. Please advice.
  21. I have the issues when using Google Meet. There are no sound/voice when I use/join via Google Meet link. And the share screen function on Google Meet still not solved.
  22. Hello! Spoke too soon about download manager not getting duplicate listings... Can now confirm still does, still not removed when clearing records, still not present after a restart, still confirming a caching issue. Obviously, also still get missing program icons in list & some with the user icon instead. Yesterday, now getting new issue: https://www.cpu-world.com/ I use this site multiple times per day (to check CPU spec for customer's computers) & have done for years, but now, it says the ad blocker (ABP from your store) is blocking ads & it won't show a lot of content, despite ads NOT being blocked on this site & always having worked previously. Worked ok in Opera, so Mx6 issue
  23. Ok I did some tests, in the first video as you can see I have closed all the extensions, and I make shortcuts to many sites without any problem, (I also did it on TikTok to see that my problem only exists on YouTube) and as soon as I do a shortcut on YouTube it sticks and after the Maxthon crashes without any report file. In the second video I have closed all the extensions and I try with the latest test version (64-bit) 0119 and it still crashes with the same problem as shown in the video. I also created the dump file but it is too big for me to send it to you, it is 676MB (709,468,160 bytes) and compressed with 7zip it is 172MB and with WinRAR it is 196MB (if you absolutely need it then let me try to send it to you). 1835244027_bandicam2022-01-1913-48-04-758.mp4 2065290508_bandicam2022-01-1914-16-43-635.mp4
  24. How I can reach the U+ interface? This button has been deleted from new versions of Maxthon and the URL that I know does not work from now. I have to see my passwords but I can't.
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