• Sorry 8'-( it's browser "WAS" excelent

    Manuel Fore Ro

    Terrible this new version 5.0 on windows 7 64 bits (4 ram, corei5, nvidia).

    Top bar very hight.

    The versio 5.0 on windows 7 64 bits (when i browsing...dessapear magicly without crash)

    In mega.nz or other web site, the download box not appear

    Many web site not compatible

    The video option for download (always in previous version) not appear .

    The number phone ? really ? for what ? it's ridiculius.

    Uninstalling.... I come back the previos version.


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    Which version of M5 are you using? I have no issues on Mega.nz, what other sites are giving you uissues? You don't have to use phone number if you don't want to, simply use your email address. It is only an option. Resource sniffer is still in M5 and works better than it did in M4.

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