• Problem with interger textboxes and numpad ,



    We use maxthon for out M3 web solution (movex ERP system)

    we have an issue with numbers-only textboxes

    when we type in numbers and use comma(,) on the notepad side it deletes the number to the left, and makes 2 commas(,)

    on the original comma on the keyboard it works prefectly


    Lets say i want to write 232,12
    this goes fine as long as i use the comma on the keyboard
    now i write it with the comma on the numpad

    23,,12 - so it deletes the 2, and makes two commas..


    i hope this make sense

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    Hi, I'm sorry we hung this question for such a long time...

    Have you solved this problem now? Of course we hope now everything has gone smoothly with your keyboard. If not, could you tell whether this situation arose only when you were using Maxthon browser? which version is that?

    More details, more better. :)

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