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    I changed the user agent and stuff, to improve my experience in maxthon and I can't pop up the window of netflix anymore, how can I do that!?
    It would be great to having that feature again

    I'm running v4.4.8.2000 and it worked great a few days back-

    Pls help

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    Did you change to Retro to get Netflix working? If so, i don't think the popup video works in Retro.

    If you had it working in Ultra using Flash, then that is just as much of a mystery as i didn't think Netflix was using flash?

    And what useragent are you and were you using when things were working properly?

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    Hi  EddyFicio, have you solved your problem now? Regarding to Netflix, as far as I know, Maxthon browser really has many problems currently and now we have registered an account on Netflix and will test and solve related problems soon.

    If you have any update, you can also suggest us by opening another topic.

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