• Mx Open link in new tab, show password, Last visited


    Mx Open link in new tab, show password, Last visited all are spotty when working or not working at all.  I this version obsolete already when I open abou it performs the update and says I am up to date 

    When I open link in new tab sometimes it will open and other times it will tell me that my network is now or page is not available when I use the same search and open in a new tab on another browser I have no problem.

    Show Password does nothing.

    Last viewed upon start up shows nothing and some of my history seems to not get recorded at all sometimes.   I will have a crash and try to access some page after a crash and there is no record of the pages that I visited just prior to the crash at all.



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    MX4 has released new update v4.9.4.1000 but it was not pushed. You can download it from this link:

    You can try this new version, and see whether there's any improvement.

    Install version


    MD5 ffbe74775bbe87dae0c5c2dfa9a708b0


    Portable version


    MD5 cd550d2418bdc6b8ccb3d30c201c1204

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