• Maxthon data peculiarly vulnerable in crashes recently


    I am frequently losing Maxthon History when there is a blue screen or a freeze that necessitates a power button shutdown. I get a message next session that says "History database is destroyed. Do you wish to rebuild it?" I click Yes, but I never see any evidence the rebuilding took place.

    This last time, I had both Maxthon and Firefox open when a blue screen hit. I lost my Maxthon History since April 19, but I lost no Firefox History.

    I once lost after a crash the icons on my about:last entries and my bookmarks.

    Is there anything I can do to get my History back? The Online History is there going back to September 20, but it will go away before long. Is there anything I can do to transfer that to about:history?

    There is something wrong with Maxthon that it is so susceptible to loss of data and that rebuilding is not taking place. It's getting worse, too. This used to not happen to me when I had crashes. Please fix it.

    after data destruction.png

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    I know this is not an answer, but don't you think you should be looking into WHY you are getting so many Blue Screens?  Personally I would be more concerned about losing a heck of a lot more if that is happening as often as you say it is.

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