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    I'm using Windows XP SP3 and I have only now noticed that I have Maxthon installed on C:\ even though I install all my apps on D:\

    Looks like some previous version of Maxthon already started ignoring my custom set installation folder. I installed the current version which is and even though I set the installation path to "D:\Programi\Internet\Maxthon\", the browser ignored this and installed itself into "C:\Program Files\Maxthon\".

    I uninstalled it again and even selected to clear all user data, but when I tried to re-install, the program again ignored my custom destionation and went into "C:\Program Files\Maxthon\".

    I don't know when this started happening or what is causing the installed to ignore my custom destination folder. Any ideas on how to make it go into "D:\Programi\Internet\Maxthon\" ?

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    Can some developer test this ? I am now having this problem on yet another separate PC (this time Windows 7). Maxthon will always install into  "C:\Program Files\Maxthon\" even if I specify a different destination folder while installing the program. It's extremely annoying! Any solution for this ???

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    OK, it seems I finally figured it out by myself. I used to download and install the newest Maxthon version from the homepage which was a 1.5 MB file called "mxsetup.exe". I figured that was just an "on-line" type of an installer. That one ignored the custom install path.

    Then I downloaded the full 45 MB installation package "mx4.9.3.1000.exe" and this one worked correctly. It installed in the custom install folder and the installer itself also had a different logo picture.

    Damn, what a hassle. They should remove that buggy on-line installer from the main website. Sigh.

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