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    So far I've been very impressed with Maxthon Cloud in the very few days that I've been taking it out for a spin ... except for the Download Manager.  I don't know if it's just a Setting I have to set or I'm doing something wrong or what's going on.  Anyway ... so far, the only 2 files I have downloaded with the Maxthon Cloud Download Manager are Maxthon Cloud Portable from the Forum on Saturday and Glary Disk Cleaner from Major Geeks today.  Interestingly enough, both downloads turned out to be non-working blanks. :wacko:  :(  Both downloads appeared to go through the motions of downloading and wind up having the correct file size.  However, strangely enough, both downloads wind up with generic file icons instead of their correct icons.  And they cannot be opened.  I have attached a screen Cap of the generic icon of today's Glary Disk Cleaner download.  As you can see, that is not the correct file icon for Glary Disk Cleaner.


    In case you were going to ask ... the Maxthon Cloud Portable download was performed with my PortableApps.com Maxthon Cloud on my sister's Windows 10 and High Speed Internet.  Today's Glary Disk Cleaner download was performed with my Desktop-installed Maxthon Cloud on my Windows XP and Dial Up Internet.  So, as you can see, 2 different scenarios, yet same results.


    Ssss SO, what's going on?  What do I need to do to get the Maxthon Cloud Download Manager to download working App files with the correct file icons?

    Maxthon Download Icon Screen Cap.jpg

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    So, anyone?  Anyone?  Beuller? :titter:

    Seriously, so no one's really ever seen this problem before?  I really need to find a solution to this problem.  Here I am seriously extremely close to declaring that for the first time ever since I discovered Opera browser way back in its 9.27 days ... another browser has finally not only came close to rivaling my untouchable King of the Hill Browser of Choice Opera, but actually dethroned it! :huh:


    However, this Download Manager problem that I am experiencing is quite a Pterodactyl in the Ointment-sized problem.  Can't have the prospective new King of the Hill not be able to download anything.  Is there a way I can contact the Devs?

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    the Maxthon Cloud Portable download was performed with my PortableApps.com Maxthon Cloud on my sister's Windows 10 and High Speed Internet.

    Test with the portable version from here on the forum. And test on both system if possible. Just extract, run and do a test download. Don't sign in to passport or anything else.


    with my Desktop-installed Maxthon Cloud on my Windows XP and Dial Up Internet

    Try saving to a different location, like desktop.

    Do you have any anti-virus programs that are set to scan files you download? They could be interrupting Maxthon finishing the file.


     And they cannot be opened. 

    What error do you get when you try and open them?

    I'm guessing you tried downloading more than once?

    Tested the Disk cleaner program and downloaded fine, so it's not the files.

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    Alrighty ... I'm pretty sure that I have the smoking gun on what's causing the problem.  After some brainstorming and some testing to confirm my theory, here is what I figured out.

    I don't know about the rest of y'all, but when I do any downloading, especially software Apps, I like to RENAME the file name right on the spot to a specific format to keep with my meticulous organizing of all my files.  Well, apparently Maxthon Cloud's Download Manager doesn't care for ANY renaming of files about to be downloaded.  Apparently Maxthon wants and expects the file name to be kept INTACT as is.  If the file name is kept intact exactly as was displayed by the Download Manager, the download will go fine and the downloaded file will be a good, working file.  IF on the other hand, you change the file name from what the Download Manager displayed ... then the results will be the infamous blanks, non-working files with generic icons like what I experienced.

    That said, am I missing something?  Is there a Setting somewhere that will allow me to be able to download files with Maxthon while changing the file names on the spot and have the files not be rendered useless?

    I will go post my suggestion in the Features Request thread.  I don't know what the chances are of the change being incorporated into Maxthon.  But, as it stands, the way I do things, this issue is quite a wrench in the machinery.  I sure hope the change is incorporated because as I alluded to before, aside of this issue, there have been some pretty impressive positives that I have really liked about Maxthon Cloud. :top:

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    Hmmm ... Ahhh, okay, upon further testing I finally figured out some more of this mystery.  Apparently, it is not quite the gloom and doom apocalypse situation that it first appeared.

    I just realized that files names CAN be changed on the spot upon initiating a download with Maxthon.  Ahhh, but I do have to do things just a little bit differently than downloading with Opera.  With Opera, except for a very few rare exceptions of files that had to have their file names be kept intact ... for the overwhelming most part, I could just wipe out the file name in its entirety and type in whatever file name I wanted.

    With Maxthon, as I just barely finished finding out, apparently I CAN change the file name as well ... but, only the highlighted part displayed by the Download Manager.  The Extension of the file name has to be kept intact.  That is different than how I was used to doing things with Opera downloads.

    Okay, crisis averted. :top: Back to exploring some more Maxthon awesomeness.

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    There is a two-part answer to that.

    (1)  For example, all of the PortableApps.com Apps will normally want to be downloaded with the .paf extension to facilitate automatic updating as I believe I understand.  In my case, I don't care for that.  So, with Opera I just wipe out the entire file name, including the extension and just simply type in something like: Firefox Portable 4.7 Setup in the little download window and the download goes through fine without any extension.

    (2)  I had to do some quick testing to refresh my memory of how the Opera downloads went down.  As you can see in the image I attached, a download in Opera is different from a Maxthon download in that an Extension is NOT included in the file name in Opera.  If it is an .exe file, it'll just say "Application" in the Save as type slot.  Or it'll say "Compressed (zipped) file" or something like that if it is a Zip file.

    In other words, with those 2 aspects of a file name separated in in the download window in Opera, I didn't have to be careful to keep the Extension intact.  By auto pilot force of habit, I would simply wipe out the entire contents of the file name slot and type in whatever I wanted.

    So with Maxthon I'll simply have to remember to be careful to only change the highlighted file name portion of the file name and leave the Extension alone.

    Non-Maxthon Download Screen Cap.jpg

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    3 hours ago, Chim said:

    The Extension of the file name has to be kept intact.  

    That's always the case. Unless you're hiding the extension, changing it will always cause issues.

    As you found out, by default Maxthon only highlights the filename in the download box. So you can just type directly and the extension will stay the same. Will actually make it easier for you as you don't have to worry about selecting anything first.

    Nice to see you figured out the issue.

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