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    I noticed that I cannot leave a star rating on IMDB.com with Maxthon in Ultra Mode. When I click on a "Rate This" and select a star, nothing happens. If I change to Retro Mode then it will work. OS Windows 7 and Windows XP.

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    I am too facing the exact same problem. Was able to rate on IMDB while using an older version in ultra mode(don't remember the version).

    Is it going to be fixed?

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    Hi there, sorry to get you back so late.

    We indeed confirmed this issue, and it's related to the core version.

    Bad news is that we currently do not have any plan to upgrade core for MX4. 

    Good news is that the "rate" function can be used in MX5.

    So we recommend you to use Maxthon5. 

    And I'll also continue collect user's voice on the core for MX4, if the amount reach to a certain number, that will be more persuasive for our product manager to change their plan. And put upgrading core on MX4 on their to do list.

    Thank you again and sorry for the trouble.

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