• Bug (mx4.9.1.1000-PC) : can't translate page


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    When going to this website:


    Maxthon doesn't offer to translate it, and when I do it manually using the button on the toolbar, it fails. 

    Trying on Chromium, it shows a small popup that asks me if I want to translate to english, and then it really shows the translated page.

    Please do like on Chromium. 


    I'd still prefer to be able to translate to a language of my choice, and not force the translation to be automatic.

    It could at least have settings for it.

    I've also suggested in the past, that clicking on the "translate" button would work according to the context: if nothing is selected, translate whole page. If a text is selected, translate the text itself.

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    Until now, we have not yet provide the "auto-suggests to translate"  feature like Chromium. I am so sorry for this. I already transfered your suggestion to our product department. Thanks you help us to improve our browser.

    For manual traslation, we just tried it. The google traslation have some problem now. you could select baidu traslation. It can work well.^-^

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