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    Over the past few days, on some web sites, I start to get a series of small windows that appear on the lower-right side of the screen.  They accumulate, and stay until I manually close each of them.  One of the web sites where they appear is www.foxnews.com 

    I do not know the cause, or what they really are.  I am on version 4.4.8 of Maxthon.  Since they keep accumulating, it is enough of a problem that have to stop using Maxthon if I want to visit the problem web pages.

    Attached is a screen grab showing what they look like.

    Any idea what the trigger is for this?

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    I test from my side, and there was also one Web notification appeared. I have reported that to our product team and will wait for their reply. (Btw, which version do you use now? or 2000?

    Besides, since 4.4 is with an old core for this old version, and now developers are busy with new version of MX4.9 and 5.0, so in order not delaying your work, we recommend you to download MX5 or MX4.9.3.1000, with which I didn't encounter this problem.

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    On 2016/9/24 at 0:32 AM, cadcoke5x said:

    I am on ver,

    I will get the MX5 version.


    Hi Joe,

    Since v4.4 is an old version and this problem is not too urgent, so the devs may need more time to update this version after collecting more bugs. But I'm glad that you will try MX5, which is both the lastest and with many great features.

    Happy browsing! (If you have any problems, please feel free to tell us on related sections.

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