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  2. Here is crash report. Browser still closes itself but not so often like before 2500 build. In reports file are included crashes from previous builds but now I deleted them so next reports will be from new upcoming builds. reports.rar
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  4. Is there a Maxthon 6 portable? If there is where can I get it? If not when do you think there will be one?
  5. Hello, In MX5, Customized search engine results can be appear horizontally (my favorite) or vertically whether search term entered via search box or address bar. And also search engines can be dragged to organized differently. Can you please add this option to MX6. This was so easy to search same term in different search engines with just 1 click. Thank you . Thank you for your efforts.
  6. Hello, I want to report a bug about Search engines. As you know only first 5 of the search engines show up in the list in drop-down list as a default. New customized search engines doesn't show up in the drop-down list in search box. I delete the default search engines Yahoo, Duckduckgo etc. and add and others. But then only shows the default engine, rest of them doesn't seem to show up in the list.
  7. Hi there, you can also log out the browser account, delete the login record of this account and log in again.
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  9. Maybe you didn't clean user data BTW My maxthon is in English language not Arabic But when I search google, it still shows me Arabic in Chinese Never mind for now I will wait for the next beta before I check this again
  10. Hi! Will there be a 32 bit version of Maxhton 6?
  11. Thanks again, @BugSir006 I'm sorry, why am I renaming the MX5 folder please?
  12. Hi there, I switched the system language to the Italian then new install the MX6.
  13. Hi there, it's not a bug. And we recommend you to install the latest version
  14. Thanks @BugSir006 - Is that a fix for logging-in to Passkeeper or upgrading MX5?
  15. Hi there, you can try to press the keyboard "Win+R," run "%appdata%," find the folder "Maxthon5," rename the folder then restart the browser.
  16. Could you send the crash report to me and let me know the operating steps that caused the crash? To find the crash report, you can go to C:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\User Data\Crashpad\reports
  17. Is that the official fix? I'm very nervous upgrading MX due to a past trauma, hence why I'm still on an early version.
  18. Last week
  19. Thanks but I'm just pointing out that maxthon defaults to Chinese at first when the PC language is different than English unless I change it to English then revert it back to Arabic it doesn't change by itself Try to make your system language other than English clean install maxthon try to search through the Url Bar with that language then choose image search at first it displays chinese If you then ask Google to switch to English then back to the system language everything goes fine and the glitch disappears
  20. Hi there, thank you for your information. It's a pity that I haven't reproduced this issue, but I found the method to change the language. Change language Open your Google Account. You might need to sign in. Click Data & personalization. Scroll down to the General preferences for the web panel. Click Language. Select Edit . Choose your language from the dropdown box, and click Select. If you understand multiple languages, select Add another language.
  21. Thanks for confirming it. FWIW Reddit did not work with MX5 at all for a while, but seems to be working fine now.
  22. And what does that mean? I only see an option to save HTML-only and HTML with a folder for its contents. I need the ability to save as Mhtml, not html !
  23. Yup You're right. This time it's not accepting my login and says password not correct I had to swich to retro core (IE) engine It was trying to run a java script or something that was the problem It then accepted my password and I am logged in now Update: If you log out It won't login again unless you do the retro core switch again
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