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  2. It was ok to paste screenshot to LINE pc version. But after LINE pc version is updated to newest version, it only shows "file://....". I have to paste it to mspaint and copy it from there. Is there any direct solution?
  3. Right now its not about you want. Its about what Jeff wants. Its not anti-consumer, but not consumer friendly right now.
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  5. I agree with Obeserver. People wants a browser that stable. All this any blockchain etc I do not understand it. So please release the alpha or beta versions of MX 6 in this forum so that people start using it and sending you their feeback instead of asking them to subcribe or register to the telegraph site.
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  7. I too remain very confused. You've set out why you've chosen BSV over the other blockchain protocols, and that seems to make sense. But you haven't answered the much more important starter question: what has a browser got to do with ANY kind of blockchain? Why do I want it? What benefit does it offer me? And how can a web browser be "built on" what I thought was a system of digital currencies?
  8. This issue happened in version It would be appreciated if you can provide a video of this issue.
  9. I like what is happening with this upgrade to BSV. The micro transaction earn and spend economy will take time to develop as well as for people to understand what this means. The potential is unlimited. Bravo to Maxthon for being first browser to capture this.
  10. Exactly, please how can I benefit from some blockchain? As user, who looks for the best browser, I prefer seeing some features others lack, but blockchain? It works for me the other way, I am actually worried that my browser will use my CPU for mining in the background slowing down my comp. Have no idea how, why when for what I can use it...
  11. I want to know, Why the tabs still Reload, Although I turned off the feature, it is still reloading the tabs I don't like this feature and tried to stop it and it didn't work.
  12. I reiterate the same as the other comments, I don't know what the hell are you talking about on the BSV topic. What I want is a browser, nothing more
  13. I just want to agree with @Tony (if I understood you well). I just need a stable, flexible, customized, contemporary browser with many features and extensions. I don't interested in any blockchain etc technology. I used Mx from MyIE times due to flexibility, customizing and lightweight. "Maxthon is a state-of-the-art, multi-platform web browser". That's all. If you want to build a platform for mining, blockchaining, etc you should name it smth else. Everything but the browsing should be optional.
  14. with respect - do you really think the majority of people looking to choose a browser are interested in the above - they will not have a clue what you are talking about - i include myself in that - thats why the interest here is minimal - each new release gets downloaded a few time - nothing in real terms - the telegraph site/link you give has a couple of hundred contributors - where are the 700 million Jeff tells us are using Maxthon - gone i suggest you are developing a niche browser - it will have its core but that core will be minimal imo - and statements like Maxthon will provide better services and make the world a better place. have you really thought about that with the world as it is today - Maxthon is seen as a Chinese Browser - thats beyond comment
  15. Last week, we announced that MX6 is the first Bitcoin-powered browser. Many users wonder why choose BSV as the underlying blockchain. Today we will talk about the thinking behind this. Bitcoin was invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto and started in January 2009. Its source code was released as open-source software. In June 2017, developers led by hardware manufacturer Bitmain made the first hard fork to increase the block size limit to eight megabbytes. As a result, the bitcoin ledger split in two, and the new one is named Bitcoin Cash. On November 15th, 2018, Bitcoin Cash got another fork, result in two independent blockchains. The one is Bitcoin ABC (short for Adjustable Blocksize Cap), it would maintain the block size at 32MB. The other is Bitcoin SV (short for "Bitcoin Satoshi Vision), it would increase the block size limit to 128MB. BSV claims that it would restore Satoshi Nakamoto's original vision. Maxthon believes in the original power of Bitcoin. BSV will help in building an honest society BSV leader, Dr. Craig S. Wright, believes that Bitcoin was never intended to allow anonymous cryptocurrency transactions. It was designed to protect privacy. Privacy and anonymity are two totally different concepts. Privacy means that your identity will not be exposed, but an audit trail can be conducted if someone wants or needs to investigate misconduct. Bitcoin is a transparent system that can track the flow of the coin. In BSV chain, your privacy will be protected better. But if an economic system operates in an anonymous form, corruption and crime will surely grow. We agree with this concept, and we will work with the community to build an honest and reliable society. BSV is unlimited scaling and keeps transaction fees tiny (The technological metrics of the three Bitcoin blockchains) The BTC developer group kept blocks on BTC restricted to a tiny 1MB size. 1MB blocks only allow an average of 3 transactions per second. With tiny 1MB blocks, the BTC network often runs into congestion. This led BTC transaction fees to skyrocket. Compared with BTC, BSV now completely removes any default cap on the block size, and BSV team claims BSV now rivals VISA for transactions per second, and offers BSV miners "better returns" than BTC. Uncapped scaling is critical to attracting enterprises. Enterprises can develop applications on a blockchain that is scalable to support their high volume needs. BSV is the Bitcoin you can earn and use Unless you are a miner earning newly mined coins, BTC is a digital currency that you must buy from an exchange; and then most buyers just hold, hoping for investment gain. BSV ushers in a new paradigm. BSV is electronic cash that everyone can easily earn and use. Innovative entrepreneurs are creating new applications which allow users to earn small amounts BSV through micropayments, and then actually use the digital currency. (Excerpt from BSV Ecosystem) There are more than 300 projects on the BSV chain, such as UptimeSV, TonicPow, Twetch, FiveBucks and services like them, more “BSV earning” applications are coming. BSV projects also encompass diverse industry sectors, involving entertainment, social media, online games, supply chain, digital advertising, data marketplaces, distributed network intelligence, Internet of Things, banking and, of course, payments. To summarize, BSV builds a blockchain designed for business: to meet real enterprise needs, to be used by real people, and to comply with real laws. It means BSV allows for massive scaling, and adds a professionalized approach to security. Working on BSV, we believe Maxthon will provide better services and make the world a better place.
  16. Hi,

    is there a completion date of Maxthon 6 ?? Looking forward to an answer!

    With regards : Martin

    1. BugSir006


      Hi Martin, I can not confirm the specific date. But we will release the beta version as soon as possible, probably in this month.

    2. MartinB


      Thanks for Your answer !

  17. I was thinking about this when I first read about the plan to make us of blockchain. What's the actual goal with this? Why even make use of this tech - the blog posts weren't that clear to be honest. Sadly, as much as I love MX5, I have been looking for alternatives purely because of the whole blockchain plan (You might be able to turn it off, but to what if some aspects will be deemed "core" features?)
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  19. does this works 4 dat as well?
  20. use windows default snap tools (%windir%\system32\SnippingTool.exe) mx will create tmp images result leakage...
  21. repack zip dat... to .mxskin. i wonder is this even possible... :P See: need more help lol 😣
  22. Found it. I had to move some folders and links to this new folder and it works now.
  23. Hi projektilski, go to Bookmark manager, drag the folder which you need to display to the folder "Desktop Bookmarks," please.
  24. That's just a way to NOT become rich, giving for free your RAM, your graphics card, and your processor, paying more electricity. There are million people around the world still waiting to get rich, buying specifical computer/servers for this activity. Imagine an average person here just for an internet surfing.
  25. available in .1500 version
  26. I'm not sure I understand blockchain at all! Sounds an interesting field of development. However, does BSV and the "audit trail" mean the browser is more friendly towards, for example, the authorities of certain censorious nation states?
  27. Hi, it synced after some time (I would say many hours). Now it shows bookmarks however I can't find how to set favorites folder to show on favorites bar.
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