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  3. MX6 actually works portable. After installing, copy it to another directory and remove mx6. Then run it from where you copied it.
  4. Portable version please? Will MX6 accept MX5 portable profile?
  5. This version is mx6. But why install mx5 page after installation... ? 👀 Will there be an MX6 page?
  6. New error: Uh-oh. Chrome 76 isn't supported. Upgrade Google Chrome to version 79 or higher.
  7. Thanks for Build 2700 but what about auto tab reload?????
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version is 64-bit. For the full release note and changelog: click here
  10. BugSir006


    + Optimized the drag and sort function under the list view - Fixed crashes - Fixed the issue that the prompt could not display completely when resetting the password of the browser account - Fixed the issue that the search result of history could not display properly after deleting the keywords - Fixed the issue that the label of pop-up window could not display properly - Fixed the issue that website content could not be added to Maxnote properly - Fixed the issue that the screen capture function could not work properly under Maxnote - Fixed the issue that the browser could not open the selected startup page after the browser crash - Fixed the issue that the browser could not open the external link properly if the built-in page as the current page - Fixed the issue that the Windows Security Alert popped up when browsing webpage
  11. Hi, I would like to know the solution to this problem.
  12. Thanks! Hi there, we will have the 32-bit and the 64-bit of Maxthon 6.
  13. Suggestion: Please do not take out the proxy option and inherit like how Chrome did. Firefox also having proxy selection option which i think is nice. Please consider include it back. Add function or extension for VPN option would be even great. Suggestion on translation - can be done with extension as well of translate option. Meaning after typing text here, with a click button, (highlighted text) can do translate and put under where after my text. < my text> *** (translated to xx ) *** <translated text>
  14. Probably Maxthon browser may provide translation option? meaning after typing in, theres a click option to help translate it and put under the text u type?
  15. Hi there, we will release the portable version next time.
  16. usertesting


    New user report in. however, there's no guideline to show how to proceed and provide feedback on MX6?
  17. Last week
  18. Very interesting results Why is Mx5 better than MX6 and the lowest is Chrome 84
  19. Here is crash report. Browser still closes itself but not so often like before 2500 build. In reports file are included crashes from previous builds but now I deleted them so next reports will be from new upcoming builds. reports.rar
  20. Is there a Maxthon 6 portable? If there is where can I get it? If not when do you think there will be one?
  21. First of all, Maxthon Cloud Browser has been tested by lots of 3rd party labs that it's clean of viruses and malware. Many download sites will conduct tests on virus and malware before including certain software, but still i want to know. viva tv cyberflix
  22. Hello, In MX5, Customized search engine results can be appear horizontally (my favorite) or vertically whether search term entered via search box or address bar. And also search engines can be dragged to organized differently. Can you please add this option to MX6. This was so easy to search same term in different search engines with just 1 click. Thank you . Thank you for your efforts.
  23. Hello, I want to report a bug about Search engines. As you know only first 5 of the search engines show up in the list in drop-down list as a default. New customized search engines doesn't show up in the drop-down list in search box. I delete the default search engines Yahoo, Duckduckgo etc. and add and others. But then only shows the default engine, rest of them doesn't seem to show up in the list.
  24. Hi there, you can also log out the browser account, delete the login record of this account and log in again.
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