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  3. There is no much to show... - double click on the mx6.0.0.2200_beta.exe - 2 seconds of modified mouse pointer icon (from arrow to 'waiting arrow') - done No error message, nothing happens. The reported registry key was while I was looking to delete some traces from previus failed install
  4. I tried your method BugSir006 but all the favorites and extensions, bookmarks for the guest account are gone. I think I have to go back to Mx5 because there all the accounts were very well separated.
  5. I put in this request before -- it seems simple to add auto-refresh for tabs. Also, on sites with audio, the audio icon on tabs does not appear to work -- you can mute a site but can't just click the audio icon on or off. Thanks -- still pleased with the speed/responsiveness of latest beta...
  6. Hi, we need Mx for Chromebooks I first opened the Play Store to install Maxthon - no way 😕 did you plan to bring MX to chromebooks soon?
  7. Please add "Set Bookmarks Bar display folder" option to MX6 to act as "Set Favorites Bar display folder" in MX5.
  8. Thank you for your feedback. It has been reported to the dev team. 😊 We will add them to the future version, so stay tuned! 🤗
  9. Hi there, we have forwarded your suggestions to the product team, Maxthon 6 browser is still being optimized, so stay tuned!
  10. Can small page buttons be reinsered in the new tab page, and i would like the "add to favorites" gesture to be readded and the last session tab to be more persistent (when i close MX with only last session tab it won't be reopened at restart) and the possibility to remove some of the pages like it is on MX5. Also i wolud like to set the favorites bar defalut folder, and an option to disable pages notifications requests would be nice and the possibility to mute audio in the tabs clicking on the little volume icon (like MX5). Sorry for the big list, love your efforts to make Maxthon always better.
  11. Hi there, could you send a short video of this issue to me?
  12. Hi there, it is not a bug. You can access your account data after closing sync. Click the avatar menu, go to "Manage people," you can remove the account.
  13. Yes. We will release the Maxthon 6 browser for mobile (Android and iOS), then the user data can sync to various systems. 😊
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  15. Hello, Is Maxthon Multi search in Mx5 will be added to Mx6. I would love to see this option becausee I am so fund of edit and add and make search AIO. Thanks
  16. Hello. 1. I use NewTab screen as start page. But I can't assign neither custom image (most wanted variant) nor "siteshot" from the site. Any full description does not fit at the site shortcut - only about 15 symbols, if I hover mouse over it it doesn't pop up as description. 2. How can I adjust keyboard shortcuts? 3. I miss Status Bar very much too. I'm very glad about MX6
  17. Dear Staff, 1. BUG (possible) - If MX6 is closed without opening the pages in the Last session page(mx://last-visit/), on next opening of the MX6, the Last session page is not available anymore. This is not the case in MX5. 2. Suggestion for Implementation - Status bar (Very useful for traffic monitoring and the rest...) 3. Suggestion for Implementation - Resource Grabber
  18. Yes, I am serious and I am using a 2007 XPS laptop with little graphics capability.
  19. Yes... that is what i mean oooh my goodness if you do that then BOOM this will be MY MAIN browser i LOVE the UI and interface man i wanna tweak this browser to its maximum like i did in MX4 which was my most beloved until the majority of the websites didnt use it anymore.. youtube just recently stopped supporting "mx4.4.8.1000" which was my main browser of use... so yeah.. MX6 is already my main browser but that little "search box" would make everything, EVERYTHING easier when i use my searches cause i love using google search for any thing and everything and it is very fast and just beautiful i hope they can squeeze it in there... thank you for your response
  20. Hello, dear developer engineers 🙂😉 There was a status bar. Enlarge, shrink, and master volume on / off on the status bar, like ip information, but now not available. Also on the tab, there was a site audio on and off. Can we download and add background images. Or can we add it from our own computer?
  21. Err, something happened when I was having trouble getting it to run earlier, I was installing, uninstalling, REEEinstalling and must've REEEEinstalled an EARLIER version Because I had multiple installer files on my desktop. Woops That'd explain it now, my bad --- I didn't think to check the about page or hover the icon because I diiiiid install this version ....I need to DELETE old installer files --- EDIT: Hrm, ok I've no use for it for now then
  22. Team, Trying to install this new versions, and installer didn't work. Looking around, I found on the registry this value, that keeps being actualized on any failed setup HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Maxthon InstallerResultUIString = Another operation on Maxthon is in progress. Please try again later. Any idea how to remove a failed install, and start again? I don't want to uninstall working version (Maxtnon
  23. I found the security. Let explain: I have my maxthon account and guest account in MX6. When I tried to login and use my maxthon account everything went well but when I logout and used the guest account all my bookmarks, maxnotes etc were still visible. I closed and opened again and again maxthon but still had the same problem. Is anyone having the same problem?
  24. Will Maxthon 6 ever be able to synchronize the favorites and Passkeeper with Maxthon in IOS? That was one of the benefits of using Maxthon on my phone.
  25. when was MX5 final or official - its still beta - ok every so often it becomes a release but then it gets updated or a few bugs fixed and its back to beta MX6 will be no different and as to it being 'ready' it will never be finished - no software ever is - it might get to a point where its usable but that wont be for a long time imo - theres far too much missing and asked for - all we get is its been added to the list for the devs - if that follows the MX5 list then we will wait forever - just look at the stuff that was asked for on 5 that never got done so use 6 or not or find something thats more complete
  26. Thank you, hopefully when 6 is ready to use they will use something that identifies it as being "final" or "official". Thank you. Hopefully when 6 is ready they will use something that identifies it as being "final" or "official".
  27. I appreciate Maxthon's concern for Bitcoin technology, and choosing to make it traceable to discourage criminals. Those who don't get it eventually will, and maybe sooner than they think. Bill Gates once said that nobody could ever use more than 64K of RAM, and he's a smart, visionary guy.
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