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  3. an interesting statement how do you/we know that - its never been stated how many devs there are - who are you comparing that to - microsoft or vivaldi/brave
  4. I don't really think you're familiar with how long entirely NEW browser releases take, especially one that's based on an entirely NEW browser core. Especially since Maxthon has some unique features that other Chromium browsers are mostly to lazy to impliment. Maxthon also doesn't have the HUGE tech teams that other company's tend to have.
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  6. its available here to some and on telegraph to anybody - no need to join just view - as to rolling it out its an apha version - a long way from finished or usable - i log on here in hope but i think thats fading fast - Vivaldi is way ahead of 6 - i cannot see that changing
  7. This has got to be a record for the longest time taken to roll out a new browser version -- any longer and I will switch permanently to Vivaldi and Opera...
  8. when do you intend to update the core - the one used is many months behind todays release - changes in the core can affect the overall browser so whilst you are busy adding features and fixing bugs a new core could affect much of that
  9. I also reported issues with bookmarks. It is very annoying.
  10. Progress seems to good so far. Though while it's still missing the sidebar and status bar, I won't be using it as my regular browser.
  11. Hello Maxers, We updated Maxthon 6 four times in May, from version to version Here are the changelogs: Functions Optimized: 1.1 Improved the browser UX [] New UI for History and Downloads; [] Added the option for changing personal info under the account menu; [] Added the button for switching core to the address bar; [] Quick Access opened in the current page; [] Extension center built-in; [] Changed the right-click menu of the address bar and added the function “copy title and URL” to it; [] New welcome page; [] Added the function to switch to retro mode automatically; [] Added QR code function to address bar; [] Optimized the status of the login page; [] Optimized the retro mode; 1.2 Browser installation and settings [] Added the option for exporting bookmarks; [] Added the option of user agreement to the installation interface; [] Added the option for customizing “Quick download” to General page; 1.3 Data import/export and cloud syncing [] Optimized importing function; [] Importing passwords data and quick access data from Maxthon 5 are available (Guest account); [] Improved the function of importing bookmarks; Bug Fixed: [] Fixed the issue that the shortcut F11 could not work properly when activating the page area under the retro mode; [] Fixed the issue that restarting the browser while syncing the Maxnote the prompt of restoring page popped up; [] Fixed the issue that the language list could not be closed by clicking the blank area; [] Fix the issue that it prompted incorrect account or password when logging into account with uppercase letters; [] Fixed the issue of data merge and sync; [] Fixed the issue that the language could not be added; [] Fixed the crash issue when saving webpage as an image; [] Fixed the issue that the profile page could not load properly; [] Fixed the issue that the thumbnail could not be displayed in Maxnote; [] Fixed the issue that website icon could not display properly on History page; [] Fixed the issue that the extensions could not be added; [] Fixed the issue that the extensions web store could not adapt to the browser language; [] Fixed the issue that History page could not display the week properly; [] Fixed the issue that the create account page could not display properly for phone registration; [] Fixed the issue that the email registration could not work properly; [] Fixed the issue that the operation of switching browser language could not take effect for the first time; [] Fixed the issue that the verification code can not be sent when registering a new account; [] Fixed the issue that the Maxthon Now page could not adapt to the system language; [] Fixed the issue that the Settings page and the Extensions page opened simultaneously when clicking Settings; [] Fixed the issue that the login page could not display the prompt when hovering the icon; [] Fixed the issue that the registration interface could not have the prompt when using the registered account to register; [] Fixed the issue that removing account could not be recognized instantly; [] Fixed the issue that Passkeeper data loss after removing an account; [] Fixed the issue that the tab could not be opened to the right of the current tab; [] Fixed the issue that Netflix video could not be played; [] Fixed the issue that the verification code can not be sent when resetting the password; [] Fixed the issue that the Passkeeper data cannot be imported; [] Fixed the issue that the QR code could not display; In addition, we completed the first package of MX6 Beta version and tested it in a small user group. Thanks to the users' feedback, we fixed a bunch of bugs and made many optimizations. The next beta-testing will begin in June. MX6 Beta version contains basic blockchain function. If you are interested in MX6, please join the test group at .Thank you for your support and love. We will continue to work hard!
  12. Thank you for pointing out. These have been submitted to the product team and will be improved in the future version. These issues have been submitted to the dev team as bugs.
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  14. advanced settings should be added, many settings can be made in google chrome. example; site settings (flash, cookies, camera, microphone and others) these features should be corrected its MX5 version its MX6 version
  15. That doesn't tell anyone anything. At least provide some examples of what YOU think needs to be improved.
  16. Hi n3ujx, to reset the password, you can click the "forgot password." If you could not receive the email to reset the password please let me know the email address of this issue.
  17. No. We won't run it in the background without your permission.
  18. Thank you! I dont mean the new tab in the startup. I mean a blank page when we open a new tab, even without a background.
  19. Does Maxthon run mining in the background without our will?
  20. "Account already exists." I have this error but i cant use, mail I want to change is not registered in any MX account I forgot my password, I do not receive an e-mail when I want to do it.
  21. there is no more options to export directly passwords; as you probably know you can save passwords in an excel csv file in Registered passwords you'll find this option ...
  22. Hi All I've used Safari and Chome for years, switched to Vivaldi earlier this year, and I'm now wanting to try Maxthon instead. I am have some teething problems moving over though! My main issue is that I can't find out how to import the 700 usernames and passwords that I have stored in Chrome! I'm on a Mac, using v5.1.134 and I cannot find an import option anywhere (I've spent 2 hours searching this forum and google) Is this not possible? Thanks
  23. Sorry! It's hard to provide a test account since LINE only provide one account per mobile phone number. But I can show you my test process. I click snapshot function on Maxthon and select the region I want to copy, then click ok. When I paste it to a chat windows in LINE, say, it shows: "file:///C:/Users/70634/AppData/Local/Temp/snap_screen_20200527102326.png" (the correct image is attached below). However, if I open mspaint and paste to it, it will shows the snapped image, then I copy the image and then paste to chat windows in LINE. it will show the image normally. I also use other snapshot software, e.g. Greenshot to test, it will also function normally. So I'm sure it's the incompatibility between new LINE pc version and Maxthon. Before I upgrade LINE pc version(actually the upgrade is mandatory) to new version, it was functioning ok on Maxthon. Hope this help you to analyze the problem.
  24. Could you provide the test account of Line? I tried to test but haven't received the verification code.🙁
  25. It was ok to paste screenshot to LINE pc version. But after LINE pc version is updated to newest version, it only shows "file://....". I have to paste it to mspaint and copy it from there. Is there any direct solution?
  26. Right now its not about you want. Its about what Jeff wants. Its not anti-consumer, but not consumer friendly right now.
  27. I agree with Obeserver. People wants a browser that stable. All this any blockchain etc I do not understand it. So please release the alpha or beta versions of MX 6 in this forum so that people start using it and sending you their feeback instead of asking them to subcribe or register to the telegraph site.
  28. I too remain very confused. You've set out why you've chosen BSV over the other blockchain protocols, and that seems to make sense. But you haven't answered the much more important starter question: what has a browser got to do with ANY kind of blockchain? Why do I want it? What benefit does it offer me? And how can a web browser be "built on" what I thought was a system of digital currencies?
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