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  2. Telegram is a single file, it doesn't cost anything to have it in pc, and as a communication tool it is quite good
  3. Thanks for your reply. I just did that, the issue is still here :/ I really don't understand what is happening. By searching on the internet I found several old forums messages about various display issue with youtube, a lot of them have no solutions, it's really weird, also I don't understand how this can happen when the day before it worked totally fine, I changed nothing.
  4. Not a member of Telegram or an official tester so can't test. Would like a copy just to keep up with development.
  5. Try changing your User Agent
  6. Hello everyone. First, I don't know if my issue has a link with Maxthon, but I tried a lot of solutions and nothing worked yet. So, I have some big issues since a few days, everything worked totally fine before that. So, since a few days, as you can see on the picture linked, the Youtube menu on the upper left don't appear. That's the case on the main menu and when I watch a video. Also, since this problem occured, I cannot post any comments, when I try to post them, they just disappear, and I also cannot mask any videos. I tried to clear cookies, I did everything with Ccleaner, I cleaned previous sessions, tried the different graphic style of Maxthon, nothing worked. I wonder if someone have the same issue. If anyone know or have idea how to fix it, it would be a real help. Thanks a lot. Hitori.
  7. Hi there, could you provide a video about this issue?
  8. Hello, currently, this option is not available for Maxthon 6. But the product team has recorded this request. 😊 Hi DONG DONG, I have added you to the tester group in this forum, you could access the "Early Access" for checking the test version. If you need further assistance please feel free to contact me.
  9. Try to open the browser menu (Alt+F)>Settings>Functions&Addons>Addons, disable the addons which you installed from Maxthon extensions center then restart the browser, please. If you still experience the issue please provide video of it.
  10. Hi there, could you log in to and provide the UID of your browser account? According to the IP address, we haven't found the error.
  11. Last week
  12. It seems to me that when using the proxy mode "only for sites from the list", the proxy is used only for traffic towards a specific site, instead of the entire contents of the page (tab). Suppose a page contains snippets downloaded from other sites. These sites are not accessible without a proxy. It turns out that the page will not load or will not display correctly. I think that the correct option would be to download the whole page through a proxy, if its address is in the list for the proxy. Version:, windows 10
  13. I think you just need to delete the "History.dat"
  14. Hello, Thank you for this clue. I closed Maxthon Browser and removed three files in the screenshot, and then Maxthon History is now working again.
  15. Aaah, i don't have telegram .. i wished that i can help you .. but i'm sure i'll use him
  16. The alpha 2 version is the same as the alpha ? or they are different versions. In the telegram group I found only If the answer is yes, then I'll say something: The facility hasn't asked me to care about anything at all. Once inside mx6, importing from mx5 is the poorest regarding importing from chrome, firefox and internet explorer, quite pathetic. It only gives you the option to import bookmarks and history, no passwd and no QA, If the extension is compressed (even with .pem certificate) and this extension is NOT in the chrome shop, it is not allowed to be activated (curiously if the charge is unpacked from another chrome installation, it operates or similar, if left) To this I add the post I already put about all that mx6 lacks, to be called maxthon
  17. Hi A.S., the alpha version has been uploaded to the test group in this forum. We are testing the basic functions, some features are not available and it may cause the new tab page data loss. Many features are under test. If you'd like to join the test group to help us improve, please feel free to contact me.
  18. I really don't understand why you don't post MX6 alpha here. This community is your core-users. There are not so many people, so it could be just open beta. P.S. New logo is really cool!


  20. Hi there, I tested it on my end, it could be changed automatically following the system. So I guess that too many monitors probably cause this issue.
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