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  3. Hi n3ujx, could you let us know the UID, phone number and area code of this account? I will contact the engineer to deactivate the account for you. To check the UID, you can log in to
  4. Thank you for reminding us! 👍
  5. Hi bobad1, this request has been submitted to the product team. 😊
  6. Hi AaronX, this request has been submitted to the product team. 😊
  7. Hi there, could you let me know the system and device information, such as Windows 7/10, installed RAM? Could you provide a screenshot of this issue?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Feature Request: In "Settings", an option to delete downloaded files to the recycle bin. Currently, when deleted, downloaded files disappear from the downloader, but accumulate in the download folder. Thanks!!!
  10. No not for me in 2200. And I believe it should not (except by customizing), because ctrl+arrow is a wide range typing shortcut used to move the caret one word at a time.
  11. Thanks, good to know. Hopefully in 2400 then.
  12. I'm still on 2200 and it's not working
  13. How come "Update" isn't working yet? You guys allowed it to work when there was a really big bug once, but I think it hasn't worked since.
  14. Last week
  15. We need be able to pin the favorites menu in the sidebar mode like in Maxthon 5:
  16. Installing but if still crashes like every previous version I use again 5.1. Thanks for new update. Edit: first open and immediately crashed. I'm so unlucky. :S
  17. I could have sworn that Ctrl+Arrow was working in 2200 to switch between tabs, but it doesn't appear to be in 2300. Or am I misremembering?!
  18. Love the "Search" in the settings page!!! No more hunting for settings!
  19. Thanks, but this isn't what I'm looking for. I can open links in a new tab very easily: it's specifically submitting a form.
  20. Working fine on (fonctionne parfaitement sur) Mx6.0.0.2300 :
  21. I'm still experiencing that very frustrating thing that Shift+Enter submits a form in a whole new window, rather than just a new tab in the same window. 😟
  22. Nope. I always remember that Snap Region is Ctrl+F1. I haven't even tried Ctrl+F2 outside the browser since it is, as the description says, Snap Whole Page.
  23. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here
  24. BugSir006


    + Added the search function to the page of settings + Allow extensions in the incognito mode + Optimized the installation process + Optimized Vbox + Updated some new icons in UI - Fixed crashes - Fixed the issue that some labels covered by the messy code - Fixed the issue that the search engine could not be added - Fixed the issue that the account could not be logged in after logging in to it under the guest window - Fixed the issue that URL could not be opened in the background by using the middle mouse button - Fixed the issue that the Boss key could not be customized - Fixed the issue that Vbox could not display properly - Fixed the issue that some long labels could not display properly - Fixed the issue that “push to talk” could not open tabs more than three - Fixed the issue that passwords data could not be imported properly
  25. Bonsoir, J'ai bien vu le "Cliquez avec le bouton droit sur la barre d’onglets" mais cela n'ouvre que le dernier onglet fermé. Alors que sous mx5 cela montre une liste de d'onglet fermé, ce qui est plus intéressant pour retrouver un site vu plus tôt dans la session.
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