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  2. Weird. I guess there were no exits in 900 build or I forgot but since there is no report then no exit. Next exit I will send report immediatelly.
  3. Hi there, thank you! It's a pity that there is no new crash report for, if it creates the new crash report please send it to me. 😊
  4. Can't you just make them included automatically without asking for them
  5. Thanks, I'll try but it looks a little weird to use 32-bit version with 64-bit Windows.
  6. OK, as I previously told you my system is Windows 10 Enterprise x64. I use Maxthon 64bit. I forgot to tell this dialog is appearing on 2 last builds only (801 and 900). Exiting is forever every alpha and beta of Maxthon but since 6.0.2500 exits are much less but still exists. Here are reports. I deleted all these reports from system to leave room for other reports. reports.rar
  7. Thanks! Could you send the crash report to us? You can find the crash report under the installtion path, such as D:\Maxthon\User Data\Crashpad\reports Compress this folder and send it to us, let us know the browser version and system information, such as 64-bit/32-bit, Windows 10/7, please.
  8. I think it happens to many users.
  9. In my situation MX6 exits silently after it has been working for a while.
  10. Welcome to the maxthon forum. I am also interested in this issue
  11. Yesterday
  12. Every time I start Maxthon I see this dialog but Maxthon works as usually. There are still unexpected exits. Should I send again reports, no?
  13. edw2edw, maybe you can try the 32bit version instead of 64bit version and see if the problem is still there. I had the same problem and decided to use the 32bit. Now I have no problem at all.
  14. Hi. I use Nvidia GTX1660Ti with updated drivers.
  15. How about the version
  16. Hi there, try this issue in the new clean portable version and add the customized websites to this version, please. DL: test_video.mp4
  17. It will be fixed as soon as possible. 😊 This known bug will be fixed as soon as possible. 😥 Hi there, could you provide the information of the graphics card of your device?
  18. Last week
  19. Same... What's the point without Resource Grabber when there are atleast 10 variants of chromium.
  20. +100500. Without it don't gonna move from MX5 to MX6!
  21. Some folders in bookmarks are displayed as follows:
  22. It is still not possible to drag a tab from one panel to the other in the split screen mode. Please fix this known bug.
  23. Are you, in general, going to make proxy settings, as in MX5, where you can make a proxy only for sites from the list? This is one of the most interesting mechanisms not found in other browsers.
  24. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here
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