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  3. Hello, dear developer engineers 🙂😉 There was a status bar. Enlarge, shrink, and master volume on / off on the status bar, like ip information, but now not available. Also on the tab, there was a site audio on and off. Can we download and add background images. Or can we add it from our own computer?
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  5. Err, something happened when I was having trouble getting it to run earlier, I was installing, uninstalling, REEEinstalling and must've REEEEinstalled an EARLIER version Because I had multiple installer files on my desktop. Woops That'd explain it now, my bad --- I didn't think to check the about page or hover the icon because I diiiiid install this version ....I need to DELETE old installer files --- EDIT: Hrm, ok I've no use for it for now then
  6. Team, Trying to install this new versions, and installer didn't work. Looking around, I found on the registry this value, that keeps being actualized on any failed setup HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Maxthon InstallerResultUIString = Another operation on Maxthon is in progress. Please try again later. Any idea how to remove a failed install, and start again? I don't want to uninstall working version (Maxtnon
  7. I found the security. Let explain: I have my maxthon account and guest account in MX6. When I tried to login and use my maxthon account everything went well but when I logout and used the guest account all my bookmarks, maxnotes etc were still visible. I closed and opened again and again maxthon but still had the same problem. Is anyone having the same problem?
  8. Will Maxthon 6 ever be able to synchronize the favorites and Passkeeper with Maxthon in IOS? That was one of the benefits of using Maxthon on my phone.
  9. when was MX5 final or official - its still beta - ok every so often it becomes a release but then it gets updated or a few bugs fixed and its back to beta MX6 will be no different and as to it being 'ready' it will never be finished - no software ever is - it might get to a point where its usable but that wont be for a long time imo - theres far too much missing and asked for - all we get is its been added to the list for the devs - if that follows the MX5 list then we will wait forever - just look at the stuff that was asked for on 5 that never got done so use 6 or not or find something thats more complete
  10. Thank you, hopefully when 6 is ready to use they will use something that identifies it as being "final" or "official". Thank you. Hopefully when 6 is ready they will use something that identifies it as being "final" or "official".
  11. I appreciate Maxthon's concern for Bitcoin technology, and choosing to make it traceable to discourage criminals. Those who don't get it eventually will, and maybe sooner than they think. Bill Gates once said that nobody could ever use more than 64K of RAM, and he's a smart, visionary guy.
  12. It has been submitted to the product team. Thank you! Maxthon 6 cannot sync with Maxthon 5. The user data of Maxthon 5 will be imported to Maxthon 6 automatically at the first login, and then the user data of Maxthon 6 is separate.
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  14. Do you mean you cannot find how to open it?
  15. Could you describe this request in detail? A mouse gesture available on Maxthon 5 was the ability to save a site with a gesture. Or at least open up the save website option. Also, Maxthon 6 does not seem to be synchronizing with favorites in Maxthon IOS.
  16. R-E-S-O-U-R-C-E G-R-A-B-B-E-R !!!!!!!!!
  17. mx://last-visit/ going to come back in MX6?
  18. I continue to be pleased by the frequent version updates for MX6 -- so thanks. The speed and smoothness of the browser still appear to be big positives. I find myself going to MX6 more frequently now, and the speed is now rivaling if not exceeding Vivaldi and Opera (definitely better than latest Firefox builds).
  19. Nothing anywhere I found explains how I get to VBox? It is hinted, related to NBDomain but 1: wasn't in the intro video on NBDomain (I never actually got to be able to test it, asked to but NP there, I am just utterly confused where it is, not on the site) 2: is this related to call logs, and how? If it is a login cluster instead of a I am just totally confused This doesn't say, nor does it show in release notes, in my settings, nowhere in again, the nbdomain site ---
  20. Thank you for your feedback. This issue has been reported to the dev team. 😊 This request has been forwarded to the product team. We will optimize it in the future version. 😊
  21. 1. Theme color and title(Theme Name) not match. If refresh page, the Theme color in settings/appearance will change everytime. 2. Theme can not be delete.
  22. Hi BenReiley, you mean the search box? This suggestion has been submitted to the product team and it will be considered seriously.
  23. Thank you for your feedback. This issue has been reported to the dev team.😊 This issue has been reported to the dev team as a bug. Yes, you can go to Settings>Extensions. It has been reported to the dev team as a bug. Could you describe this request in detail?
  24. Currently, Vbox cannot be removed. This request has been submitted to the product team.😊
  25. Thanks. note to everybody -- if you can't get it to open, and directly running from the source says side-by-side configuration is wrong, and adding switches to disable the sandbox or gpu doesn't fix it.... Maxthon is running in the background (as Chrome in retrospect is supposed to do) That needs to be forcibly closed, even if you closed it before installing a new version, no window either nor icon in the taskbar. I am so dumb, it took me a week or 2 to figure that out
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