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  2. advanced settings should be added, many settings can be made in google chrome. example; site settings (flash, cookies, camera, microphone and others) these features should be corrected its MX5 version its MX6 version
  3. That doesn't tell anyone anything. At least provide some examples of what YOU think needs to be improved.
  4. Hi n3ujx, to reset the password, you can click the "forgot password." If you could not receive the email to reset the password please let me know the email address of this issue.
  5. No. We won't run it in the background without your permission.
  6. Thank you! I dont mean the new tab in the startup. I mean a blank page when we open a new tab, even without a background.
  7. Does Maxthon run mining in the background without our will?
  8. Yesterday
  9. "Account already exists." I have this error but i cant use, mail I want to change is not registered in any MX account I forgot my password, I do not receive an e-mail when I want to do it.
  10. there is no more options to export directly passwords; as you probably know you can save passwords in an excel csv file in Registered passwords you'll find this option ...
  11. Last week
  12. Hi All I've used Safari and Chome for years, switched to Vivaldi earlier this year, and I'm now wanting to try Maxthon instead. I am have some teething problems moving over though! My main issue is that I can't find out how to import the 700 usernames and passwords that I have stored in Chrome! I'm on a Mac, using v5.1.134 and I cannot find an import option anywhere (I've spent 2 hours searching this forum and google) Is this not possible? Thanks
  13. Sorry! It's hard to provide a test account since LINE only provide one account per mobile phone number. But I can show you my test process. I click snapshot function on Maxthon and select the region I want to copy, then click ok. When I paste it to a chat windows in LINE, say, it shows: "file:///C:/Users/70634/AppData/Local/Temp/snap_screen_20200527102326.png" (the correct image is attached below). However, if I open mspaint and paste to it, it will shows the snapped image, then I copy the image and then paste to chat windows in LINE. it will show the image normally. I also use other snapshot software, e.g. Greenshot to test, it will also function normally. So I'm sure it's the incompatibility between new LINE pc version and Maxthon. Before I upgrade LINE pc version(actually the upgrade is mandatory) to new version, it was functioning ok on Maxthon. Hope this help you to analyze the problem.
  14. Could you provide the test account of Line? I tried to test but haven't received the verification code.🙁
  15. It was ok to paste screenshot to LINE pc version. But after LINE pc version is updated to newest version, it only shows "file://....". I have to paste it to mspaint and copy it from there. Is there any direct solution?
  16. Right now its not about you want. Its about what Jeff wants. Its not anti-consumer, but not consumer friendly right now.
  17. I agree with Obeserver. People wants a browser that stable. All this any blockchain etc I do not understand it. So please release the alpha or beta versions of MX 6 in this forum so that people start using it and sending you their feeback instead of asking them to subcribe or register to the telegraph site.
  18. I too remain very confused. You've set out why you've chosen BSV over the other blockchain protocols, and that seems to make sense. But you haven't answered the much more important starter question: what has a browser got to do with ANY kind of blockchain? Why do I want it? What benefit does it offer me? And how can a web browser be "built on" what I thought was a system of digital currencies?
  19. This issue happened in version It would be appreciated if you can provide a video of this issue.
  20. I like what is happening with this upgrade to BSV. The micro transaction earn and spend economy will take time to develop as well as for people to understand what this means. The potential is unlimited. Bravo to Maxthon for being first browser to capture this.
  21. Exactly, please how can I benefit from some blockchain? As user, who looks for the best browser, I prefer seeing some features others lack, but blockchain? It works for me the other way, I am actually worried that my browser will use my CPU for mining in the background slowing down my comp. Have no idea how, why when for what I can use it...
  22. I want to know, Why the tabs still Reload, Although I turned off the feature, it is still reloading the tabs I don't like this feature and tried to stop it and it didn't work.
  23. I reiterate the same as the other comments, I don't know what the hell are you talking about on the BSV topic. What I want is a browser, nothing more
  24. I just want to agree with @Tony (if I understood you well). I just need a stable, flexible, customized, contemporary browser with many features and extensions. I don't interested in any blockchain etc technology. I used Mx from MyIE times due to flexibility, customizing and lightweight. "Maxthon is a state-of-the-art, multi-platform web browser". That's all. If you want to build a platform for mining, blockchaining, etc you should name it smth else. Everything but the browsing should be optional.
  25. with respect - do you really think the majority of people looking to choose a browser are interested in the above - they will not have a clue what you are talking about - i include myself in that - thats why the interest here is minimal - each new release gets downloaded a few time - nothing in real terms - the telegraph site/link you give has a couple of hundred contributors - where are the 700 million Jeff tells us are using Maxthon - gone i suggest you are developing a niche browser - it will have its core but that core will be minimal imo - and statements like Maxthon will provide better services and make the world a better place. have you really thought about that with the world as it is today - Maxthon is seen as a Chinese Browser - thats beyond comment
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