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I'm new on this browser and I try ti find an adblocker. So, can you please give me a link to working adblocker for Maxthon.

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No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2013-6-22 10:51 back.gif

Ad Hunter is at the bottom right corner of the Status Bar. There's also an extension you can instal ...

Adhunter accomplishes the same task, with, like everything, downsides as can be sifted through on these forums.

there are also tons of threads almost identical to this one. please use the search function.

but yes. You can also, if you like, use the program, Adfender, which supports Maxthon, though the latest update seems to mess with Maxthon and its newly global rules, as well as some other browsers. Still works with mx3 though.

on a side-note, you might want to use fanboy's ultimate list, instead of the normal adblock list. - it includes MULTIPLE lists in one. You can subscribe to it inside of NoAds' options panel, in the text box in the susbcribe tab.

You can also try PeerBlock. It has a list to block ads, and spyware, and such.

Anyway, other threads are here:

there were others, but some have been deleted, it seems - because of its redundant nature.

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