Accessing Microphone in Maxthon XP version

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Unfortunately, the desktop version of Skype for WinXP has quite working. Maxthon is the only XP browser that the web version of Skype supports. However, Maxthon does not list my internal and external microphones. The microphone setting shows "no content" as the only option in the drop down menu. There is no option to set the microphone to "on" without a website having to request it be turned on. Further I cannot access "manage exceptions". What could be the problem?

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Make your mic as default, and in maxthon just configure it to use default mic, and another thing, I strongly recommend you to move out of win xp, because is no longer supported by microsoft and there are more viruses, exploits and malware that worked on Xp than they are in vista,7,8,8.1 and windows 10, windows xp is the most insecure OS currently used XDD that's just my suggestion XD 

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