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Built-in Maxthon translator.

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Built-in browser text translator offers a choice of 3 resources for text translation, and 2 of them are purely Chinese.
It is necessary to add at least an interpreter from Yandex. Translator text from Yandex is good because it offers as an alternative two more resources - google and bing.

From myself, I can add that the interpreter of Google crookedly translates into Russian. Yandex gives much more correct translations.



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14 hours ago, Magdalene said:

Sergey try this one. 

Magdalene, thanks for the link to the extension! I'm currently using the same extension to translate to Yandex:

However, in these extensions (using the translators from Yandex and Bing) the translation does not work when extracting text from quotations in this forum.

In any case, it is much easier for the browser developer to add a Yandex translation script to its built-in native translator.


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