Saving bookmarks bug!!

By Atavus in Maxthon Support & Discussion,

I have reported this nasty issue several times before and it is probably the only thing that is still really bugging me. I am talking about the bug in saving bookmarks. - This is a Maxnote issue that I reported before in another thread. Sadly, it is still there in the latest version
- Saving bookmarks using Ctrl+D or pressing the Maxnote icon on nav bar is still buggy.
- After pressing Ctrl+D or the Maxnote icon on nav bar, I get this small white window "Add to Maxnote", which is attached to the Maxnote icon.

- This window randomly disappears, especially when I move the mouse. That is one issue.
- Even if it doesn't disappear right away, I click on the drop down arrow/menu to select a different folder to save the bookmark.
- I get this larger white window that is detached, and has no option to save.

- If I click a destination folder, the large window above disappears and nothing is saved.
- Sometimes I see the small window appear afterwards for a fraction of a second, too fast even for a pic.
- So yeah, I'm having a hard time saving bookmarks this way.
- Atm, I have to use another way: open the page I want to bookmark, click Favorites button (in menu mode), open the destination folder, and click "Add to this folder".
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