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pc issue Hiii, could someone help me? (Maxhon+FlashGame+request)

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Hey guys, first of all thanks a lot for your browser, its my favorite and most used browser to play flash games, it works great. But currently I have a question about how it works in one aspect and whats the difference between this one and other browsers like chrome, opera, etc.

Currently, playing a flash game, i noticed that if i spam clicks on a request / menu in this game (for example 20 clicks on the same thing in 2 seconds, to enter in other thing in a menu [it has to load the page after clicking it], with a lot of browsers it would log out from the game, or it would keep loading if i would still spaming clicks on it. But with maxthon this does not happen, if i spam clicks, it will be loading for 1-2 sec. and then it will go to that menu, even if i still spaming clicks; it never logs out me or keeps loading the page / request (if i am still spamming that request / menu) like it seems to happen with other browsers like chrome or opera or even firefox.

Could you help me whats the difference between maxthon and other browsers in this aspect?

(i was thinking about 2 possibilities. First one, that in maxthon even if u spam one thing, it will stop sending request and will load the first one, but in others browser it will keep sending request, and the game after 2-3sec of sending request will automatically log out. The other one is that the game developers made a script for popular browsers that it will automatically log out after X request in Y time, but i think this is wrong because if i would keep spamming that "request/click on the menu/link" in maxthon it should never go to that one and would keep loading it.)

(Also i thought about max pararell request, so maybe in maxthon there is only 1.)

Thanks a lot


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