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MX5 Android official release

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Hi Maxer Android users, 

MX5 for Android released a brand new official version today! V

Click here to see the release note here,

Happy browsing!:bouquet:

Any feedback on this version is welcome to comment on this thread!

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Translations are still not updated. en-AU/GB isn't being added/detected. And there are new strings added that aren't on crowdin.

See this thread for all the details.

I find this extremely annoying seeing as quite a few of these were notified over 1 month ago. There have been two releases since (maybe 3?), and old translations are still being used.

And there's still the issue of new strings being added to new versions, but don't get added on CrowdIn (and therefore updated) before a release is made public.

If new strings can't be added to CrowdIn due to the workflow before a beta is released, I can possibly understand that. But there's no reason (that I can see) why after a beta release any new strings can't be added to CrowdIn, so then users can translate them in time for the final release to be compiled.

The way things are it looks like it might be another month before we see another update to MX Android... and still no guarantees that any of these will be fixed.

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