Maxthon 4.9 Youtube Issues

By Deathstalker666 in Archived General Discussion,
For some reason, Maxthon 4.9 has changed Youtube playback and seems somewhat more incompatible with the aforementioned site. This issue is existant in all versions of the 4.9 branch, yet works like it should in as well as current versions of Firefox and Chrome. My issue in particular is video quality playback, I can only select between 360p and 720p on videos I have uploaded after February 16, 2016. Around the time the issue occured I tested various videos and found a lack of quality options, though it seems it has been fixed lately so that videos beyond my own (even those more recently released) seem to function properly. Yet, as I have said, my videos have all supported qualities up to 1080p on the older release of Maxthon and other popular browsers. On the videos missing said quality options, I get a message that I should upgrade my browser to one that would support the various qualities.  All my videos were uploaded using the 4.4.8 branch. When I encountered the aforementioned issue, I would often revert to the functional version before uploading new videos. I have tested uploading a video on, plus a few other versions in the past, with the result being the same as if I had uploaded the video on a 4.4.8 version. Youtube uses HTML5 as its method of playback, meaning this has absolutely no relationship to any issues with Adobe Flash and the new way it must be updated. When I go to, I can see most options checked beyond a red exclamation beside "MSE & H.264". Note that this option is checked in version This makes me believe that this lack of support is perhaps related to my issue.  The most recent version,, I simply updated to perform the test. However, I did perform a clean install on and, neither leading to any compatibility fixes. I also have installed Maxthon on a newly installed Windows 7 computer with no settings changed on said OS. I have not changed any settings on the 4.9 releases, believing the default would give me the best compatibility. 
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