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  1. Hi Maxthon Team, I am trying to Log In in Crowdin Translation webpage "" and I can't access to page. I have a account but when I try to 'Log In' in the web, page send me to 'Log Out' again and again. I access to the web page with Google+ account. If I try with Retro mode I can access, but with ULTRA mode I can't. I try with others browsers and them work fine too. I use mx5.2.4.3000 browser and I update browser to last version, mx5.2.5.1000 but nothing. I am using this browser in crowdin years ago, and I never had any problem. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I use mouse gestures feature a lot to close tabs / go back in history / etc. With Maxthon v2.5.2, on site, if you start a gesture on an image, it doesn't work When you right-click on an image, it gets 'grabbed' by the pointer, and then opened on a new tab as you release the mouse button I am positive it was working ok in previous versions Not a seriuos issue at all, it's the only site where I noticed it, but maybe there are more with this problem...
  3. And I have this question: how do you get that thing up forever? (Please look at picture). I already have the extension.
  4. Hi maxthon team, I want to create a bussines card on this website What can I do ? thanks in advance
  5. For about two weeks, every reddit page shows this error: I haven't seen people reporting it, so it might only be my issue. What could the cause be?
  6. Bonjour, Je ne sais pas comment joindre LDFA du site Il m'est impossible depuis plusieurs jours de me connecter et m'identifier sur J'ai essayé avec maxthon plusieurs version de MX5 aussi bien en ULTRA qu'en mode RETRO. j'ai également pris d'autres navigateurs Chrome, Safari,Firefox,Ie11, Edge, et cela fait pareil. Captures jointes. Cordialement. Hello, I do not know how to join LDFA from the website http: // .... It has been impossible for me for several days to log in and login at I tried with maxthon several versions of MX5 both in ULTRA mode RETRO. I have also taken other browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Ie11, Edge, and it does the same. Attached captures. Cordially.
  7. When you open new tab it supposed to open page with favorite sites and but today it began to open as "Cannot connect to the website". Reloading page or closing and opening browser doesnt help. How to fix?
  8. I have "Hide Taskbar" option enabled in Windows. The problem is sometimes I can't bring taskbar up if there is a Maxthon window maximized. Maxton blocks the bottom of the screen like if it was the topmost window. Then in a hour or two I notice that everything is fine again. I can't reproduce this bug, but you can achieve the same result if you start Task Manager, make it topmost and maximize it. Maxthon behaves the same.
  9. How do I install DuckDuckGo on MX5? I already got it into the lineup at the Search Engines Management area. I THINK what I probably need for this to work is the correct full URL. Right now I just inputted And of course, that doesn't take me directly to the searches. That first takes me to the duckduckgo GUI and Search Box. So yeah ... what IS the correct full URL for me to input there in the Search Engines Management area?
  10. After installing (portable), Gmail Webmail is unreadable. everything is extremely tiny. mails, folders/labels,... website zoom is at 100% like always. deleting all browser data did not help. going back to (portable) and everything is ok again.
  11. Hello, i Had to Format my PC and when i installed maxthon back i got this error at YT(image) i'm not at ultra mode,already installed flash but nothig Any guess guys? btw YT works fine on chrome
  12. noads

    noads stopped working for me in the latest branch - with help from the devs it now works there is [apparently] an error in the original noads extension - why it worked with earlier versions of Maxthon is not explained by Maxthons but no matter the error is in def.json def.json-'include': [ '*.', 'localhost' ]should be change to 'include': [ '*', 'localhost' ] i will not post a fixed version only point to the fix given by Maxthon and would acknowledge the work of the original author of the extension who i believe went by the name of Trincare and the Maxthon devs who found the error all i did was ask for help and am grateful for the help given
  13. Why is the extension approval process so slow? updates to my extension have been waiting to be approved for a very long time
  14. FB purity wrong display

    FB purity does no longer work fine with the latest version of maxthon : the display is wrong : left column is truncated.
  15. Please move this entry to the extensions section Bookmarklet: Tittle: Clear Cookies Script: javascript:void((function(){var cookie_list,sub_domain,location_pathname,cookie_index,cookie_count;cookie_count=0;cookie_list=document.cookie.split("; ");for(cookie_index=0;cookie_index<cookie_list.length&&cookie_list[cookie_index];cookie_index++){cookie_count++;for(sub_domain=".";sub_domain;sub_domain=sub_domain.replace(/^(?:\.|[^\.]+)/,"")){for(location_pathname=location.pathname;location_pathname;location_pathname=location_pathname.replace(/.$/,"")){document.cookie=(cookie_list[cookie_index]+"; domain="+sub_domain+"; path="+location_pathname+"; expires="+new Date((new Date()).getTime()-1e11).toGMTString());}}}alert("Expired "+cookie_count+" cookies");})())