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  1. I use and if i import bookmarks from Chrome or from HTML backup file i just get an empty folder?
  2. Need help or Maybe a favor

    I have resenly found your browser and i was wondering if someone could post an a extension on here. I was looking for Tubebuddy for youtube and i dont see it. Could some please put this on here so i can have this for my youtube channel using this browser? Thanks, let me now if anyone has gotten something!
  3. Hello , The minimal area for Maxthon 5 was previously on = 800 * 666 pixels . With the last build it as increased to 1000 pixels * 666 . is it a feature or a bug ? Someone in french forum complains that he cannot reach less than 1280*820 ( so 2/3 wide of a 1920*1080 ) , this interract with the functionnality of windows that makes half screen wide windows . Can you correct that , and what the reason of this change ?
  4. Some upgrades

    Can u make some upgrades for MX 5? - Session online to save opened sessions online - scrolling opened tabs to make them bigger and sroll left-right tabs to choose nessesary tab - fast buttons for mx note and other fitures as it in MX 4 - fast Clear cache button
  5. The window offers good things, but appears in the wrong place. It should be somewhere in the middle of the left or right edge, not corners - they usually contain player controls. Additionally, when I got to any corner, the window appears at the bottom right one.
  6. I couldn't find any extentions which would support opening and editing of Adobe reader forms ... are there any ?
  7. Since Mx 5.03 it is no longer possible to add a bookmark if it already exists. This is not an improvement. I use bookmark folders to open a set of favorites at once ("open all records"). It is now impossible to add an existing bookmark to a new folder. When adding an already existing one, there is the option to "edit". But this only edits the existing bm. Even in MaxNotes you can move a bookmark, but only duplicate the URL. I think it's great that Mx recognizes that a bookmark already exists, to prevent clutter. But really, it should still allow me to add a duplicate bookmark. I'm sure there are workarounds, but this should just be straightforward. Please improve this feature soon. Related: When selecting "Open All Records", from rightclick on a favorites folder, it should NOT also open the subfolders, or make it optional. That way, we could have our most favorites in a topfolder and the less-favorites in subfolders that won't open on "open all records".... Thanks and kind regards, Alex
  8. Measurer for MX5

    Prompt add-on for Maxthon program similar to "Measurer" for Mozilla firefox.If it does not exist - please make it.
  9. Hello guys! I am used to click at the very top of the screen to switch my tabs because it is much more convenient for me as to click somewhere else on the tab. This works perfectly fine as long as I got MX5 maximised. If I snap MX5 to one side or one corner of the desktop this wont work anymore. If I then click at the top of the screen above the tab I cannot switch the tab. This is also very frustrating if I am double-clicking the tab to close it as this will minimise MX5 if it is not in fullscreen. I am using MX5 on Windows 10. I hope this was understandable and will get fixed in an upcoming update. If it was not that clear an could try to visualize the problem, just ask me to do it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello! Being using MX4 for long time I am becoming more and more fan of MX 5 specially Maxnote. Thanks to the developers. But still some MX4 features like the download progress bar (see 1. Download progress bar in Mx4.jpg image). This small download bar was a great help in Mx4 because I had not to open all the time the download manager window to check the downloading progress. 1. Download progress bar in Mx4.jpg 2. I noticed that the address bar is not the same for the Guest account and Login account (2. Google search in Guest.jpg and 3. No google search in login.jpg images). Am I missing something? Thank you in advance for your replies. Jus
  11. Hello I was looking for a free plug-in(TTS) that can read aloud dutch-voice text from any (Dutch)online web page. I know of pages where I can copy text into an edit box and then get the required functionality(e.g. google translate), but yet to find a plug-in tool that goes through the original page (line by line) and reads it aloud ( without the need to copy and paste the text) Basically I am looking for a screen to read-aloud reader kind of functionality for Dutch language web pages. do we have such a plug-in functionality for Maxthon ? Thanks in advance
  12. 1. Hi! I am using Maxthon V5.0.5.3031 in my tablet Acer A20 android 4.1 but I discovered that the passport is not working properly. I mean when I logout from my account, next time I want to use it again the program is not asking the passport. It just connects. Means that guest account and private account is accessible without any problem. This is not good for the privacy. 2. It is impossible to import bookmarks. Many folders and sites are missing during the process. Maybe the sync process have some problem to retrieve bookmarks from the cloud? 3. I chose the landscape mode but when I start the program it starts always in portrait mode than landscape. There is a little instability. Thank in advance for your help. Jus
  13. Was putting off the move to mx5 for quite some time because I tried it first on the work computer and didn't like losing some settings in the process. Despite the memory leaks in mx4, it was still good enough for me. Used it one a single computer with a guest account (no MX sync) if that's important. This morning, however, I missed the version number in an update prompt and accidentally upgraded. It offered to import all mx4 settings, but it only worked for bookmarks and passwords. Search engines, history, last session weren't even in the dialog where you can check and uncheck what you want to import. So I lost all those + Stylish settings (quite extensive). Was able to find last session urls in a text file in the profile folder, fortunately, but all browsing history is in .dat files, apparently, so it's as good as gone for the time being. Quick links from the new tab page are also nowhere to be seen. And my question is: is this an improved user experience I was missing out on? How do I unimprove it and recover my data? OS: windows 10
  14. I've found how to export all my Favorites. But I want to only export one folder, not all of them. Is there a way to do that?
  15. Where is the hot favorite icons? It could be modified earlier. For example fb icon: And now? Where to find? I see: HOT, Screenshot, Color Block... Where is the HOT icons??? I hate the screenshot icons. It's a bug? Can not we edit an icon for ourselves, And use it?? Where to copy it?
  16. hi to all. i dont know - possible asked before. can i install skins for mx5 - android. or change to black view? i realy dont like white view.
  17. Today I installed Maxthon on another PC, and noticed some subtle UI changes. I thought I had my main machine (running set to auto-check for updates, but I went to the "About..." window, and Maxthon says it checked for updates, and that I have the latest version. Yet, checking here, I can see there has been a new release, 5.0.3.x. I've noticed this before, going back to v4. Can someone explain to me why (and in what circumstances) certain updates are hidden like this? It appears that I would have to visit the website and download a new install package to get this update.
  18. Why I don't like the Maxthon official site... Doesn't show screenshots of Maxthon 5. Doesn't list powerful features. Only advertises "spyware" cloud services. Very disappointing. No longer a powerful browser like old Maxthon 2. Vivaldi browser will now beat Maxthon.
  19. @BugSir006 Today there are a lot of websites that display popup windows like the one below. I tried blocking it using several rules, but none works. Will there be any way to block it using the MX5 adblock? Navigating with maxthon and seeing this type of popup every time is really annoying. We need a solution!
  20. Quick Access 1.7

    Since it seems only some people are able to comment on Maxthon News section, I would post here for QA 1.7 issues. It seems that any time an update is made available for QA something stop working... This time is the time for site icons... In v1.6 when you select a site icon, it was not so good positioned in the qa square related to the site. Now, I have lost icon for ie Facebook tile, but also, if I edit a tile, changing the so called "hot" selection (and why hot I don't know...), I am no more able to select it, so only screenshot or color block option remain availables... Edit: facebook icon come back after removing and readding the tile, but the rest still not working... an example on the screenshot...
  21. Hi! Can someone tell me, where are Passkeeper Exceptions? I want to remove some sites from there, but cannot find where are! Thank you in advance!
  22. 64 bit MX 5

    When you will be able to make MX 5 64 bit ? I think it would be much quicker and smoother on 64 bit systems.
  23. It would be good to make the possible as Vivaldi and Google chrome browser to show when something music video playing on You Tube can be possible to display on the smart tv.
  24. Hello, I was recently wondering about Maxthon's design. Although MX supports skins, which is incredibly useful, it would not be a bad idea if we had more beautiful design out-of-box. It would create that feel that Maxthon is special. Vivaldi's design is really fresh and modern, that's what i mean. Nitro had actually pretty impressive design ( btw does anybody know why it isn't being developed anymore? ). Animations are also good thing. IMO, MX looks very statically. I don't complain, but some new animations are not a bad idea. Animations I suggest are: opening/closing tab opening/closing menu switching between tabs and Maxnote moving tab (something like in Chrome) In Quick access, animations look good. I also noticed lagging while address bar is sliding down after clicking on new tab. It doesn't happen always - maybe it's because of operations under the hood? These changes are not so important, but when i look on Maxthon 3, UI has not changed dramatically. People probably like this design and are used to it and i'm not surprised, it's not bad, but improvements could be made. Does anybody know if there's skin for MX5 like Vivaldi? Thanks.