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  1. The character length of the folders created in maxnote are only 30 characters. If we import from any data source, they end up cutting, losing valuable information.
  2. If we add several tabs to a folder and put a name, (or leave the date that sets by default), we can create multiple folders with the same name without maxthon warns of it. The normal thing is that if you add tabs to a folder that is given a name that already exists, those tabs should go to that existing folder, and not create another "different" with the same name. In fact, you can rename folders with names that already exist, without any warning, with which we would find several folders with different content and the same name. Note: If this is not a bug, it is a bad implementation
  3. Hello! Previously, for small screens on smartphones, it was not so obvious to me, or I didn’t use the MX5 so often on these devices to notice. But on a fairly large tablet today, I noticed a lack of comfort for tab closing. MX5 for PC can almost “from the cradle” close tabs by double clicking on their title. But on the tablet (version MX Android) it does not work: the usual double tap (as on PC) does not cause any effect. And in the application settings, I did not find anything like that would activate this feature. To close an unnecessary tab, you have to more accurately press [X], which on a relatively small screen at 10" after three (or more, for especially stubborn users) opened new empty tabs, (or switch to the right tab) causes a "butthurt". Summary: it is desirable to add the ability to close tab by double tap on its title, enable/disable this, and the checkbox "close tab by double-tap" in the MX for PDA settings (Android, iOS, etc.).
  4. Hi Maxthon team, I have wrote before about this feature. Please put the option " DO YOU WANT TO CLOSE THIS TAB (ONLY ONE ) " unintentionally I close the tab.
  5. I really suggest favroite item management go back to the old version's way. It's hard to view item, sort item, move around items in current management ui(Maxnote) than the old way. Also, I have two troubles and one suggestion: [1st trouble]: When I drag one item from a source folder to another target folder and try to put it at last position in this target folder, when this target folder has many items that causes horizontal scroll bar appear, there's no way I can "scroll to right most" (I tried keybaords but no response). [2nd trouble]: I can't see full item header/name/or whatever. Sometimes, it's important to see full name so I can tell what it is and where to move it to. [one suggestion]: Under many occassions, I want to add same web page url to two different folders but it's not allowed. In old version, there's no such limitation. Yes, I can see the new mangement is more IT (using one index system for favorite items; integrate favorite item into Maxnote, etc.) but it's really not user-friendly (sometimes hurt), at least compared to the old version's way. Please consider this design philosophy: Leave constraints to users, as long as the system is not so harmful.
  6. Need help or Maybe a favor

    I have resenly found your browser and i was wondering if someone could post an a extension on here. I was looking for Tubebuddy for youtube and i dont see it. Could some please put this on here so i can have this for my youtube channel using this browser? Thanks, let me now if anyone has gotten something!
  7. I couldn't find any extentions which would support opening and editing of Adobe reader forms ... are there any ?
  8. Measurer for MX5

    Prompt add-on for Maxthon program similar to "Measurer" for Mozilla firefox.If it does not exist - please make it.
  9. Converting Alpha skin for MX 4.9

    Hello, I love the Alpha skin v2.31 for Maxthon 4.4, but I didn't see an update for this skin with the new version of Maxthon. So I've downloaded the sdk + the doc, and I've tried to replace the files in 0.dat and 1.dat with the ones from this skin. But I've got this layout problem with favorites and the page rendering. Could someone help me to fix this problem please or at least give me some advice ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Grammarly

    Honestly, before I move to Maxthon I used Chrome. There is one extension on Chrome that I can hardly forget. That is Grammarly. English is my second language, How I wish someone from our community can create a similar extension!
  11. Hi is it possible or does exist or could somebody make extension that would intercept new window/tab requests and based on settings would automaticaly block them/ask if they are allowed to open/force them to open in new window/tab as selected/open them as intended (simple context menu switch idealy)? Lot of pages have anoying behavior of opening automaticaly whatever they want and this would allow user to have more control whatever is acceptable for him at given time. (I know, you could maybe possibly configure adblock partialy to do that but its based on listing and its far from ideal - making it based on core browser functionality would be way better) Sorry for my english, im not from english speaking country, i hope i explained it enough. I have not high expectations, Maxthon is nice browser but it seems dev community is somehow dead and it does not feel (to me - personal opinion) like devs listening too much but its worth a try ... if there would be well enough documented api and it would be possible i would probably made it at some point but finding something usefull about addon development for Maxthon is more problematic than i thought and it makes me kind of sad given its my favourite browser (i dont trust it too much theese days but still has nice and original features i like ) PS: My question is for Maxthon 5 (i suppose one of reasons its hard to find something relevant to addon development is this is changed every version)
  12. Scroblr for Maxthon

    Scroblr is a lightweight scrobbler that scrobbles the music you listen.
  13. Would it be possible to port the Chrome extension "Rikaikun" to be used in Maxthon browser? Rikaikun itself is a port of the very helpful FireFox add-in "Rikaichan": When it's activated and one hovers over Japanese text on a website or e-mail, the words are translated within a pop up. It automatically de-inflects verbs and adjectives and gives detailed information about the Kanji characters and the reading of names etc. This is a very helpful tool and I would love if someone could make it available for Maxthon!!. (This add-on/ extension is one of the main reasons I still often use FireFox and not exclusicvely Maxthon!) Hope this can be done somehow. Anyone, please help! :-)
  14. video blocker pls make this work on mathxon.
  15. Please add back this great feature to Maxthon. "Select more than one link, drag and drop them, And they open in the same time, Great in Galleries, The best thing that it ignores the normal text between each link" It was my favorite feature from Maxthon 2. I hope it will be added to Maxthon again. Bookmarklet: javascript:a=getSelection().getRangeAt(0).cloneContents().querySelectorAll('a[href]');for(b=0;b<a.length;b++){a[b].target='_blank';a[b].click()}
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