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  1. Sorry about that, I accidentally deleted this thread while removing a spam ! So here's a summary : there's a cookie issue with the forum each time we close the browser, we have to resign If you leave the forum open after several hours, if you do a refresh : you have to resign issue occurs wathever browser you use (ie, chrome, etc..) if you use different accounts on PCs that share the same IP, signing with one account disconnects the other at the moment devs are working on it ! so please be patient
  2. Google'ın tüm uygulamaları (Arama, Chrome, Google Androidi, Gmail, Google Play Mağazası ve geri kalanları)nda kişisel verilerimizin ve bilgilerimizin, bizim adımıza oluşturulan profillerde şirketlere sattığını ve hükûmetlere dağıttığını biliyoruz. (bkz: Maxthon herhangi bir platformda, herhangi bir yolla, kişisel bilgilerimizi (fotoğraflar, bulut deposu, gezinme istatistikleri vb.) paylaşıyor mu, paylaşıyorsa kimlerle neyi paylaşıyor? We know that our personal datas and private informations are sold in virtual profiles to companies, corporations or given to goverments via Google's applications (Search, Chrome, Google Android, Gmail, Google Play Store and the rest) (see: Does Maxthon, on any platform, in any form, share our personal information (photos, cloud storage, surfing statistics, etc.)? If it does share, provides what to whom?