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  1. Just updated to Windows 10 and trying to get Maxthon to use the native window control buttons. This option makes me think I can just enable it and it disregard any settings in the skin file relating to what it has set. But there are two issues. 1/ if I set the option to 0 or 1 nothing happens. The standard Maxthon buttons return, or the buttons in the skin are enabled. 2/ if i remove all the images etc for the control buttons then I get the standard Maxthon buttons 3/ the skins i've checked have the option listed as noWindowControl, but the documentation states that it should be noWindowControls. Which is correct? Am I misreading this option? Hopefully MX gets updated soon so we get a version that looks better in Win10.
  2. I am a new Maxthon user (at least on Mac - tried a previous version long ago on Windows). I just installed it through the app store this morning on my Macbook. It seems the extension center for Mac isbehind. Extensions on this site can only be used by the user of Maxthon Classic Version (V4.1.3.5000), please download the browser of this version if needed!
  3. I have modded the extension "Super Next page & speed up ..." . It is working flawlessly on my PC, but I get following error when I try uploading: "The encoding of def.json is wrong, please use Unicode or UTF-8 with BOM." Smooth scrolling.mxaddon
  4. A few days ago I was disconnected from my cloud account. I was disconnecting my mobile number from the account when suddenly the page reloaded, some fields like my nickname were replaced by numbers and then I got logged out. Now, when I try to login it is stated that "Account does not exist". Since maxthon created a local copy of my account, I was able to backup my bookmarks. However I don't think I can backup my magic fill data. Also I found some .mxbackup files in the maxthon folder. I don't know how to use them. I requested support but no reply yet. I created this new account to post here.Can someone here help me to recover my account and data?
  5. Help me guys I use (cloud) The problem is that i can't play this mp3 online, everything is ok when I play witn from my PC Anyone want to resolve my problem please? Here is the mp3
  6. I've tried resetting the tcpip stack and winsock catalogue, even deleting crl cache and arp data, yet it still refuses to connect....
  7. Can not login to Maxthon Online Favorites page. login doesn't work. login works.
  8. As far as I understood simple questions go here? (your FAQ/rules thread doesn't specify exactly, seems like here but anyways specify it in FAQ someone does read those, or alternatively add descriptions to sections of forum) Question itself: I'm just interested in what exactly Maxthon browsers want on the same LAN when one of those get launched while the other one already runs? (In my case it's Windows + Android) I just blocked connection between them so far and haven't bothered to either look through your code or look through packets (as it will take some time and I don't have that much of it xD), and my search haven't given me any valuable result both on the forum and net. Does it establish some kind of service/connection for THIS or what?
  9. I have a Nokia lumia 630 512mb ram, and when using for a time The app randonly crash, please fix this i Love Maxthon and i want to use in my Phone without problems, Thanks.
  10. Please Help

    Please restore from cloud my all data from 21:24 or 21:30...
  11. I'm having a problem with the level up, the hours do not update, I can not increase my level and the auto-update don't work! Please Fix then! Graciously!
  12. Hello Friends, I get Valid Fail response whenever I try to add my location for the weather app within Maxthon Now, Maxthon Start Page USA. I've tried putting in my city and state, both fully written, and abbreviated, and I've tried using my zip code too. Still, no luck. I always get this Valid Fail response -- but no weather information! Maybe Maxthon Now doesn't like the cold weather here! Who knows? :lol Anyway, I thought I should report the issue. Thank you, perknh
  13. The whatsnew page forum link in the top right corner links to the old archive section of the site. It should be updated with
  14. I made an update package that gives you Root Privileges without SuperUser, You can check it here: Root w/o Superuser, But you will need CWM recovery to install it because I made it myself meaning it has no signature... If you tried it, Please reply if it works, Not working or Bricked your device, I already added Unroot packages on the post so no worries if your phone gets bricked, But also you must have your original update package if you want to root your phone again Tested with: Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus S5301 : Working StarMobile Sky : Not working hmmm...