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  1. - I read around and see nitro still have to load flash by replacing de DLL file. - Can i give a work-around like this? + scan html and find tags for flash + then get the media link + replace those tags with HTML5 audio tag for mp3 and video tag for else before rendering process + I know some other applications like game or utilities might die along but who might care? We work out ways to forget flash in this new age. Or just let this flaw in logic make room for maxthon Have a nice monday!
  2. I've been using Maxthon since the MYIE2 days, and I'm also a beta tester for Nitro, but sadly, Nitro is the first version I'll probably skip completely (although I love Maxthon), and go for either Firefox (if I want to upgrade), or Maxthon4. Here's why: - no customizability. Speed is very important, but not at the cost of what made me use Maxthon in the first place. - no quick access page. The address bar dropdown isn't customizable - UI is OK, but worse than Maxthon4. Minimize/close buttons are too hidden. Forward button is too hidden. Slashed design and color scheme are not to everyone's taste. All f6f6f6 is better than the blue. - no ad hunter - overall, the non-customizability will alienate advanced users and turn Maxthon into a "newbie" browser. There may be a market niche for speed and simplicity, but overall, I think most users prefer a balance between speed and power.
  3. Nitro critique

    Hi everybody. Just tried Nitro and got some critique about it. So here we go. - where's settings? - what are the suggested websites? (when writing new adress or request) - how to replace them? - how to change home page? - where's "forward" button? - why not to place bookmarks under adress field? - where's history? - how to change search engine? - where is settings button again??? - any updates? still first version. So yes. It got problems and we all understand that's the first release. Also here's bright sides: - fastest browser load time - stylish and minimal UI - ... yep, that's it. :\ Browser on the good way and it should be developed but problems are killing all the experience and there's no chance to make it default browser for current moment. Pirog. huh? showing i'm using "Google Chrome 35.0.1849.0" but i posted it from Nitro o_O
  4. Hi all, Since today, all the beta versions refuse to paste anything. I can copy text but paste yields to nothing... It does work though with stable versions...
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a way to update my Flash Player v.14, to Flash Player v.17... ( in Nitro v. Beta ) Is there a Script that works, or a manual way to do it.?? Nitro uses Google Chrome Flash Player, so i downloaded the new version • Adobe - Install a different version of Adobe Flash Player ( FP 17 Chromium - PPAPI ) named " pepflashplayer64_17_0_0_188.dll " Copyed it from here " C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash " Renamed it and put it here " C:\Users\*User Name*\AppData\Roaming\mxnitro\\plugins\pepflashplayer.dll " But the Flash test page, still shows I'm using version 14, and won't show any animation. • Flash Player Help and Test site : It says "Plugin won't run"... Have also tryed with deleting the dll, to force Nitro, to use the version I have system installed, and not use the one bundled with the browser. How can I make it Active.?? Or Enabled it.?? nitro://plugins/ ?? Hope some one can help...
  6. I am using Nitro, but I think this applies to too. I'd like to be able to use standard Windows keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl+F4 = close tab Ctrl+PageDown or Ctrl+Tab = goto next tab Ctrl+PageUp or Ctrl+Shift+Tab = goto previous tab Alt+Left = back Alt+Right = forward Nice to see that Ctrl+Shift+T reopens the last tab you closed. There is nothing in the UI for this though, I just did it from muscle memory (from Chrome). There are probably others. Thanks.
  7. Everything works great, just only two features needed: 1. Multiple Instance. 2. Close Other Tabs Menu.
  8. Maxthon Nitro is going to fail. The final version of Nitro is so lacking in the most essential features that it's laughable to even call it a final version. Nobody wants a browser stripped down to Notepad's level. It's unproductive and doesn't have features that save time and effort. Would you prefer to write an essay using MS Notepad or MS Word? Would you prefer to edit a photo using MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop? Same concept. Would you prefer to use Nitro which loads fast but is so lacking in features that it actually wastes your time during usage? Or would you prefer a powerful browser that take longer to load but saves you lots of time during usage with convenient features? Maxthon should return to its roots as a feature-rich powerful web browser, like back in the glory days of version 1 and 2. Similar to the design philosophy of the Slim browsers: As it stands now, Nitro makes it look like Maxthon is trying to cut costs, laid off most of its developers, and no longer have the budget to stay competitive. Meanwhile, the target casual audience of Nitro will not bother to shop around for a new browser, and they will just stick with Internet Explorer for simplicity. The fundamental thinking behind Nitro is flawed, and Maxthon needs to recognize this and turn around quickly. Verdict: 1 out of 5 stars.
  9. First of all, it's insanely fast, I was really impressed how fast it's opened facebook, and its minimal interface it's awesom. But I think there are some issues: 1. I love the maxthon's drag and search, but in Nitro there isn't. 2. I don't like much the link preview, sometimes it doesn't appear and sometimes it's a bit laggy 3. I think the close button (top right) is too small, but its invisibility it's amazing. Anyway, programmers are doing a great job
  10. -It's basic to add a private navigation mode. -I don't know if it was a mistake of mine but i didn't have problems printing in other browsers. Today i tried printing a page and only part of it was printed. Anyway there SHOULD be a print preview in order to avoid inconveniences -And i would also like being able to move/change the order of tabs
  11. I am unable to use the latest version as it crashes every time I try to open more than one tab. I am running Windows 8.1 64bit. I tested the install and portable versions on 2 different systems with the same issue. Please fix asap as now I have to go back to Chrome! :-(
  12. I can't drag and drop URLs from my primary browsers (Firefox or Chrome) to the MX Nitro window :/ It's a minor annoyance. Can anyone tell me if this is not supported or if the feature can be enabled somehow?
  13. Maxthon is unable to play game content that requires the Unity Web Player. I have the latest version of Unity installed, both for 32-bit and 64-bit and game on Facebook will not load.
  14. The extensions from Chrome Store are not compatible with MX Nitro ?
  15. A tab presently gets closed if it is double-clicked and I have, more than a few times, closed tabs accidentaly. I'd love it if a right-click option to undo the last closed tab was added in a future update. Or you could add a mini-history list displaying the last 10 or so pages. Other than this and the absence of drag-and-drop support for URLs from other windows, I think MX Nitro is a wonderful product!
  16. oPERATING sYSTEM = WindowsXP sp3 ultimated CPU=1.100ghz ram=512mhz GraphicCard=256 please Help:(
  17. Hello Nitro thant maxthon have the same problem like most of other web browser 4 gb ram 10 tab open and out of memery :curse: after when you chrash classic maxthon 4 maxthon remember where you are all tab opened and you can reload all nitro not possible by default :'( nitro whith gmail display erreor message that the navigator is an old version :Q with or i see google 35 when i use a google 23 more older for test i havent this message ;P after like maxthon 4 twitter security question boring :@ and for the fast comparative to other chrome egal firefox more speed maxthon 4 egal opera normal same speed opera turbo more slow remy beta tester for chrome and morte offten for firefox +336861420852 bye bye
  18. Outdated

    So, the Gmail page is telling me I'm using an oudated version of Chrome--and Nitro is using a far outdated version of Flash Player ( I know this is supposed to be a stripped down, extremely fast (which it's not) browser--but c'mon, least MAKE an effort regarding security. This newest version of Nitro ( was released on 1/8/15--so why is it already outdated?
  19. There are non updated sites in recommended sites. Old ,,Hotmail" name, instead of and old Bing logo.
  20. Google can't work in China, I want to change it to Bing, Thanks
  21. Open link in new tab

    I recommend Nitro to give us the option to: *Right click link to open link in new tab *Ctrl + click link to show options The current options are: *Ctrl + click link to open link in new tab *Right click link to show options I am tired of looking for the ctrl key when I want to open a link in a new tab.
  22. I SUGGEST TO WRITE DOWN OUR WISHLISTS IN HERE FOR NOW! But please, add something like getsatisfaction for feedbacks/whishlists, so its easier to add a wish, and second someone's. So you see exactly what do we really want from Nitro. Or do we need to create our own separate threads every one who wants to suggest, and others suppose to search all the forum to make sure the wish was already said?
  23. Nitro shortcuts

    Please put the Nitro shortcuts back into the final version. youtube facebook twitter bing google that soft of of thing like you had before. I used that quite a lot throughout the day each day. Thank you.