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  1. seen this morning - picture says it all - click it away and it comes back the next time reload browser and its gone - what the hell is going on get rid of it - i dont need it - do you do this to deliberately upset users
  2. Dear Maxers As we know, Maxnote had been updated and made a few improvements on UI and other features since V5.1.4.800. The new version still need some improvement and there might exist some 'not perfect' experience now. We really appreciate that anyone could help us test the version and give us some feedback at the very first time. About the Maxnote new version, here I will need to make a clarification for everyone to prevent from accidental deletion. After the update we will find there appear a new button(Note button) on navigation bar/sidebar. Under most cases, if you click favorite/note button, there will appear different folders under Favorite/note button like the following image: You will find there exist same folders in “My favorite” button and “My notes” button, but the account display different number, that is they share the same folder(like work/life) but the content is different, the Life(2) in“My favorite”only display websites form(which you saved as bookmarks).the Life(0)in “My notes” only display notes form(which you saved as notes) What I want to remind users is they just share one same folder in two different buttons, please do not delete any folder in any button. If you delete Life folder in “My favorite” , you can't find it in "My notes" too. All data in that folder will disappear. In future, our product team will also make a “Notice Box” in case mistakenly deleted. Here I just make a brief explanation before the "Notice Box"comes out. Thank you.
  3. После закрытия русского форума не знаю, где спросить... Извините, если тема неподходящая, я не знаю английского языка. Последние версии Maxthon у меня глючат, сайты бесконечно обновляются. Т. е. как только страница загружена, она немедленно сбрасывается и загружается заново, и так до бесконечности... Даже страница настроек! Откатился на версию, она работает нормально... только устаревшая. Почему страницы перезагружаются? Можно как-то исправить? GOOGLE TRANSLATE: After the closure of the Russian forum I do not know where to ask ... I'm sorry if the topic is inappropriate, I do not know English. The latest versions of Maxthon are buggy, the sites are infinitely updated. That is, as soon as the page is loaded, it is immediately reset and loaded again, and so on forever ... Even the settings page! I rolled back to version, it works fine ... just out of date. Why do the pages reboot? Can I somehow fix it?