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  1. Smart Address Bar (search terms) not working properly - searh input recommendations are offered, but when you click on it, browser searches for the text that was typed in the address bar, not for recommendations.
  2. Maxthon still seize .URL file extension during installation/updating. Dear Maxthon developers. This is a VERY BAD idea because you broke STEAM shortcuts on desktop. This file extension must be registered to BROWSER.
  3. I've been dealing with this problem for two weeks! No one gives me a solution. I'm already tired of this browser! Where are the Mx4 programmers? Video_8-23-2017_2-10-42_AM_-_Streamable.mp4
  4. alguien sabe por que me pasa esto ? hay veses me dice que se cifra con SHA-1 y hay veses me dice que se cifra con SHA-2 ya me fije la hora y la fecha borre cookies borre la chache dns sigue el problema