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  1. Hi, It is not possible to maximize (pull up from task bar) Maxthon if it is minimized while watching youtube video in fullscreen window... I was watching video in full screen and quick minimized it with Win key + D... In Maxthon I am able to maximize it only with right click then close and it ask me am I sure I want to close and it bring it up. In Maxthon that is not possible... I didn't test it on other video streaming web site... Only on youtube... Windows 10 Pro 64bit...
  2. MX5 PC release

    Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website Happy browser and leave your comment! Maxthon Team
  3. Hi, why problem start MX5 for macOS Sierra 10.12.4 ?
  4. I use MX4.9 and I want to play video in this link: but it doesn't work. It should have play icon on top left side of the black area and the number on top right side should start count down. MX5 seems ok but for personal reason, I need to use MX4.9 on one of my computer. Can anyone help?
  5. Hello! I want to thank the developers for their work. I think the new version MX5 Android release is better. I am happy to work with this version. The only problem I noticed is that one button when I tried to exit the program is showing an exit window with something like "@android:string/annuler" at the left and "Confimer" at the right. I think the left button has a display problem. Instead of displaying only "Annuler" which means "Cancel" in English, the program is adding something else. The right display will be "Annuler" at the left and "Confimer" at the left. I do not know if the English version has this problem but French version does. Thank you advance for your reply. Jus
  6. Hello guys, Event I don't have multi-search in search enginge settings,when I paste some phrases in address bar and go,it opens multi-seach. In previous releases it searched in default search engine in the settings.Now it automatically searches in mult-search.How to delete or disable muti-search?I'd like it to use plain google. Version: V5.0.3.2000
  7. version on PC. steps: 1. play any video on Youtube. Example: 2. detach the video using the floatbar 3. close its tab and close the detached video while it's playing. The bug: it continues playing.
  8. I updated to the latest version of MX5 and disabled Adblock Plus, but still I can't load Yotube video here.'s_Som#Post431147
  9. I like to use Facebook's mobile site instead of the app on my Android phone for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately when using the current MX5 Android app it doesn't play nice with the comments boxes. In MX5 if you tap on the comment text box to type a comment the keyboard pops up but it's then covering the box so you cannot see what you type and you cannot scroll down to see it either (See screenshot 1). Other browsers they allow for this (See screenshot 2).
  10. Identity section in password keeper is in Asian, I need it in English please. Can't find any place to reset this. Thanks
  11. I am having difficulties with in Maxthon When I click on Settings, I get no Settings dialog box. Or if I click on attachment, I get a list of icons like Photos & Videos, Camera etc. but I cant get anything further if I click on any of them. Clicking on any of them have no effect. Pop-ups are not blocked. I use Windows 10 64. I have no problem in Maxthon 5 or other browsers
  12. So I've been trying to make a voice call via Facebook and got this error: "Unfortunately, your browser doesn't support our new video calling feature yet To make a call, open Facebook in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Learn more" Is this new? Is there a solution to this? (Should I just apply a user-agent?) Thanks!
  13. When I enter search terms in the last couple of versions of Maxthon for Android, spaces are dropped before being sent to the preferred search engine. (On Google, you'll see the "Did you mean ... ?" prompt.)
  14. Add enough Tabs for "Retractes Tabs" dropdown list appearing. Select a tab from dropdown list, you will see the Tab Item as last Tab on visible tabs area. Catch and start to drag Tab over the visible tabs area - you will see that the dragged tab looks properly, its "preview" jumping to choosen position, so it loooks like it is ready to be dropped at needed position. Drop the tab at needed position and you will see that dropped Tab actually hasn't changed its position and its order in tabs bar. Reproduced on, I remember I reported similar bug a couple years ago when Mx4 only debuted. It's really sad situation - I see same bugs from Mx4 and many of them already reported by other users..
  15. Facebook calls are not working, v5.0.3.1400 //ok, have a great day
  16. Please add Ukrainian language in Settings→ General→More language→Add language→Select language
  17. Greetings. I just posted a video on my gaming community clan site (not a website to play games but to socialize and such) I cannot seem to be able to see the video. it shows up as blank (white). I have tried other browsers and they are fine. nothing is wrong with the link. Youtube is fine, as well. I have updated the flash player and downloaded the auto-updater tool from Here. nothing has helped so far. I have even looked at the code in developer tools. it claims that there is a 404 error but that is impossible because the link itself works FINE everywhere but Maxthon. and we know that it isn't a flash player problem (due to installing the latest version and it didn't help) Here is the link to the gaming site for you to see what I mean. and HERE is an attached screenshot of how it shows up for me: I hope this gets fixed soon if it is a bug. Thank you. Browser version: v5.0.2.1000 windows 10.
  18. Smart Address Bar wont recognize history items.To reproduce: Click a link that was not visited before.Then try to open a new tab and start typing the address.Normally it should recognize and suggest the url, but it wont. Smart Address Bar recognizez addresses that was typed before not visited.