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  1. Hello, I want to open multiple links in new tabs from a page that has multiple image links. Is it possible in MX?
  2. in my office, our MIS have setting IE proxy to our company proxy as default. MX5.0.2.1600 in Ultra mode is workwell withour enable proxy. (directly access internet) but when I switch to IE mode (I didn't enable proxy on MX5) seems MX5 adopt IE proxy setting when I not enable on MX5. could you check this problem? because when I set IE proxy to none proxy mode, MX5 access internet is workwell.
  3. as title, MX5 cannot import MX4.9.4 user data, including favorite and skynote.... Could you check this problem? Because I cannot import MX4 data from server or from local.
  4. New tabs issues

    The Update says that it SOLVED NEW TABs Issues but None , it remains same as before version, I reported these bugs many times....multiple New tabs not opening...and many more issues
  5. Go button

    Is there a button to place at the end of the address field, an icon that I can click that fetches the URL—for us typing challenged users?
  6. Suppose you wish to find all occurrences of the selected word in a website (or copy it to somewhere else), when you double click on a word, it should select just the word. Not an extra space. Attached video to show issue. The reason this is a bug, is that when it selects the extra space, searching for the word will provide less results, because it requires an extra space. ice_video_20170215-110733.webm
  7. Fail

    1. Two last Betas and this "release" has the same bug: mp4/flv/html5 clips on some sites not appears (black squares instead or clear page) 2. Still no skins/interface settings (annoying blue flat frame) 3. No Translations set (and Language select settings not highlight) One and only solution - back to MX 5.02.1000 QUESTION TO MX-TEAM: WHEN?!
  8. HI, Greeting Maxthon Community. Its been a long time since I needed to sign in about any information or help. But as Of Today I was running Maxthong 4.9.200 like I have been for MONTHS and Months.. I LOVE MAXTHON!! ITs my GOTO browser. Well I updated the Flash , thinking maybe that would help with the 2 issues im having but it has not.. I have Maxthon on my DELL PC desktop and my Laptop, The issue that just started out the blue overnight is 1. On the 1st startup page where it shows all your fav Tiles, News Temp etc, Below tword the Bottom it had a BUNCH of broken Links to Images. 2. and MAJOR ISSUE... Everytime I would try to go to one of my websites that I have as a FAV saved to the tile section it would Throw up a POP UP saying Invalid certificate This site's certificate has expired or has been issued for a different website's address. This problem may indicate an attempt to intercept the data between you and a remote serv It also shows this at the bottom of the Maxthon startup main screen.. I hated to uninstall my Maxthon browser and restart to see if it would hlp because I knew I would loose all my Passwords and the sites with Auto fill, along with all my sites saved to My tiles.. Well I did it anyway in hopes, I tried re installing the same version and it keeps saying the same thing, I am going to provide u a screen shot of the popup issue as well.. I then tried Installing the newer 4.9 version and NO GO still.. So now even though I really did not want to use Max5 yet Went ahead and Installed it.. SAME ISSUE.. On my LAPTOP I am running 4.9.200 and have NO ISSUE AT ALL, AND IT runs great!! What in the world can be causing this?? I have a great antivirus (Bitdefender) So I dont think I am infected with anything , I have run scans, etc and ABOUT 6 days ago Bitdefender Showed it blocked a few dangerous Sites that I guess were no good , I was doing surveys for Points on a site called LISTIA.wHICH has been around 6+years.. I even went to use my Chrome browser and it was telling me on a page UNSECURED CONNECTION, WHICH i dont get , My internet is PW protected to the fullest and has plenty of antivirus,firewall and Internet security Software. So I truly do not understand whats going on and im hoping SOMEONE here can shred somelight on what I can do to fix this issue. My Desktop is a little bit older but still in great shape Inernal and out. Its a dell, AND I want at this point to just try and restore it to FACTORY settings but cant find out how, I even have a WIN7 HOME 64BIT disc I was sent with my Elitebook awhile back and it wont seem to take it to restore/restart WIN 7 FROM scratch.. Please help or Give advice on what the reason behind this is, It does it to every site I try to Visit on my PC at this point and again it just started today. NOTHING new has been added at all. Last night after Midnight it worked Great..Then out the Blue The certificates issue has become a problem.. PROOF OF ISSUES INCLUDED... Please help Thank you..
  9. A nice feature: After Clean Install it greets me in German with "grüß Gott Chantao." So by the way: "Grüß Gott" is said in Bavaria, but I am in Hamburg, because one says "Moin, moin" but what still does not like the first MX5 works please look picture. Both the same functions just capture the image better. Before the MX5 versions you could save Snapshot directly in Browser. My question is only: Is it a mistake or is it so wanted? And do not answer me: With me it works but still with a video! For me it does not work (OS: Windows 7) Drag & Drop on Favorite Bar takes long and does not work properly with insert into folder, it crashes briefly. Paste into folder on Fav Bar does not work. Cnrl d it crashes briefly. No, I'm going back to the official version, it takes me all too long.
  10. Split Screen Functionality Issue: Well, first of all there is no doubt that only Maxthon has the BEST split screen feature added into the browser in this whole browser world! Some other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome have split screen addons to use but, they are not even come closer to what Maxthon has. I never had any issue with the split screen mode until Maxthon 5, it was working just fine for me. Its not that bad now but, the only issue i am having now is when moving mouse from side one to side two then some form elements (i.e. buttons, select lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.) in the web page are not getting focus / firing for the very first time and have to click twice. Textboxes and Textarea used to have same issues but, in the latest version they've started working just fine. Bootstrap Icons Issue: I have couple of websites ( and i have used some bootstrap icons in these web sites but, under the Retro mode these icons are not displaying at all, no issue under the Ultra mode though.
  11. Very funny, actually I wanted to write more here: today I'm traveling without bookmarks with MX5, I want to store a bookmark that I had when I was on the go bookmarks, but now there is not, but still at 5 me shows that I have it. If I edit and want to take it all, it indicates that esy stored has, but there is nothing. Very curious. At V it still worked properly. I had 3 days ago terribly excited and wanted to give 5 still a chance today, but the browser is getting worse from release to release. The best is still the "mx4.9.2.600-beta" dafter it goes downhill.
  12. Hi developers,its been months or years that I have been asking for some of those things below.It is not just only me,but many users have also been agreed with me. 1- Address bar suggestions: - Favorites are not being suggested. - History items are not being suggested too unless you type the url.(When you click on a link,even it is now a history item,it wont be suggested by address bar).I mean URL auto completion. 2- When you open search window and search in a webpage (ctrl+F),the search keyword disappears after you close the search window.You have to type keyword phrase again 3- Please make an option to open a complete blank page (no background or quickaccess or whatsoever) in start up/new tab. I've found a temporary solution here: 4- We don't what our usernames to be remembered even auto complete is off.All data are being stored in Roaming\Maxthon5\Users\guest (probably in Web Data and Web Data-journal) Please consider at least one of them for the next release I dont have any more patience left
  13. Forum inaccessible

    I can't access the forum while using 2 versions, android and pc, despite being signed in with 2 different accounts. Reproduce; 1. I access the forum using this account(joemax) on pc(M5.0.1.3000). 2. I then access the forum using a second account from M5.1.7000 on android 6.0.1. 3. I try to post or refresh or open a new thread and Maxthon forum reports that it can no longer connect while my pc can perfectly access any other site. Edit: This is the error I receive when refreshing this thread after opening the forum in android. I can no longer access the forum until after M5.1.7000 has been closed for about a minute.
  14. For many versions, Maxthon will randomly decide to stop loading pages properly. I couldn't figure out why, I now figured it out. After I use CCleaner, that's when it starts to incorrectly load and I have to refresh sometimes 2 or 3 times before pages load correctly. CCleaner doesn't have Maxthon in it's file detection, so it must be thinking MX is both Chrome and Firefox and deleting necessary files for Maxthon to load pages correctly?
  15. Fatal Errors Mx5

    Using multiple browsers including Mx5 looking for "the one". I have not allowed any to be the default browser since my move away from maxthon 4x. I am getting at least 1, more like 2, fatal errors a week. This is not happening with Comodo, Edge, Firefox, or Avast browsers. Running W10 pro 64 bit on a desktop.
  16. hi i noticed that the new infobox does not sync with the old skynotes which worked with mx4 i couldn't find an app for the new infobox any solution? thx
  17. slowdown

    Good morning Tell me please because when I want to enter the UU email maxtoon 5 takes us so long ? But when I click on PassKeeper by immediately? What can be the reason ?
  18. and maxhton
  19. Scrolling issue

    If you have a large page , for example a Facebook page and you search an older post (from a group..etc), scrolling down is progressive slowing and at one moment does not work anymore and the Facebook page is autorefreshing. (Mx / Win 10)
  20. Server Error Please Help

    I was on the phone with my internet provider and suddenly I was no longer connected to maxthon through my browser on mx 5 v 0.0.2000 using windows 7 pro x64. It says "server connection failed" and asks me if I want to try again. When I try again it still wont log in. The first time I got an error 102 message. but I can't get the error message to show up again. It also gives me the option to logout which I did and I closed the browser and rebooted my pc and I am still having the same problem. What is going on here? The browser seems to function just fine when connecting to sites, but when it tries to login it fails every time. The people at AT&T said they didn't do anything to my account, but they were very rude and mistakenly transferred me to the cancellation department. I just wanted them to opt me out of dns redirect. Someone please respond if you can help. I will try reinstalling and see if that helps.
  21. Hello! Please help me. Maxthon Cannot upload photo in the YouTube video
  22. When something is loading, Maxhon will "lag" like it will run at 3 fps till the element finished loading Example: I'm watching a Twitch stream, i open a new onglet, load a page, come back on my twitch tab and it will lag till the other tab finished loading. That happens on the same tab too, like on this link at the bottom you have the player stats, when there is a new one, the stream will lag. This issue is remaining since SO LONG, PLEASE, they have to fix it for once and for all.
  23. Saving pages ??

    The main reason I am staying away from Maxthon 5 is the fact that I don't know how to save links to anywhere I wish. I know how to save them to 'Maxnote', but that just seems like a dumping ground, a bit like saving lnks to 'My favourites' in Maxthon 4 which is easily accessible, but once again, just a dumping ground.
  24. Passkeeper

    There is are serious issues with Passkeeper that makes it foolish to use or recommend. It is using old passwords to accounts even when that account is deleted from passkeeper, cookies are cleared(both immediately and when closing browser) and the entire Mx5 appdata folder is deleted from my pc. The issue appears to come from the online storage as there is no other way to explain it. Not only is it having issues with remembering deleted passwords, it "remembers" passwords from the wrong account. And when you try to sign on to an account which has been deleted from Passkeeper it fills the password and asks to save the info??? WTF??? The password it fills is wrong and if you change it Passkeeper again saves the old password. In this image I have logged in on the previous page, and clicked enter. Now I am being asked to save a password I haven't even entered yet and shouldn't even exist since it had been deleted from passkeeper already and the appdata folder had been deleted too. And don't ask me to elaborate as I have already explained it as best I can. Those questions running around in your brain are the ones I'm asking about.
  25. Passkeeper issues with Beta

    Hey, The new beta version has an issue with the passkeeper not working well. I have noticed that the "fill form", "save form" and password generator do not work for some reason. Reverted to official version and everything works perfect. Not a problem on a specific site and the Passkeeper seems to hold all the information (which it didnt fill regardless, even if new passwords were added with the same version).