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  1. Please add Ukrainian language! Add Ukrainian language, please!
  2. I use MX5 beta release. I cannot find how to delete auto-completion data such as username or password and so on. Does MX5 beta have this function? Off course, I find Ctrl + Shift + DEL to clear browsing data and I know this function does not work for auto-completion data.
  3. If I hover on the video the menu appears at the top right but "Download" is always greyed out and can't be selected. If I use the Resource Sniffer, I get a list of videos on Facebook pages, but they are all really small files and won't work. It is not because it is a stream media. It appears the same way even on my own videos which I do know there are not stream. My version is mx5.0.2.1000.
  4. The issue is happening on Win10, I am not confirm the issues is happen on Win7 but this problem is not only on facebook, also many webs sites, included Maxthon forum. The problem is many facebook icon is not on the right location, and the like button is gone.
  5. My windows 10 taskbar won't hidden when playing full screen video (youtube...) Do you have any idea ? For an unknown rease it work sometime
  6. Hello. Science MX 4,9, till the new MX5 i have still the same poroblem. Pages doesn't load correctly. Sometimes I need to refresh, to see correct site. Sometimes pictures are missing, cometimes all text is gone. After refresh, page is loading correct. Of course, most time everything is fine. All systems/ Win7, 8.1, 10/ Some ideas? SEER
  7. Bookmarks Export

    I'm sure I'm no different from many users as I tend to keep more than one browser on my computer. I would like the ability to export my bookmarks like I use to in maxthon 4... But I want that in maxthon 5 I'm starting to feel like I'm handcuffed to maxthon 5 since I can't get my bookmarks
  8. Only in Ultra core. Two recent crashes in attached file.
  9. Recently try to enter a image captcha but is 3 images up to dont show ..missed like the browser eat ..maybe a script dont recognize it .
  10. Extensions Not Working

    I'm sure this is no doubt because of it still being in beta but I decided to play around with the extensions and tossed on xmarks ... It doesn't seem to be working, unless I'm missing something... but as I said it could be since MX5 is still in beta.
  11. Hi. If you close MX5 when local files are opened, you cannot open them from the last session after restart MX.
  12. Is anyone getting this error message? {"code":300,"message": "get oauthTwitter key error","data":""} OS: Using Windows 10 Browser MX5 ver: v5.0.1.500
  13. PDF

    Why are you stopping me from downloading a pdf from my email. I jumped through all the hoops.
  14. When I let a tab open for one day (maybe after I sleep my computer?) , I don't know how, but at some point it happens that everytime I click any tab that has been open for long time, it autorefreshes. Everytime I change tab, if I go back to the tab(s) with the problem, they autorefresh no matter what.
  15. mx5 on start

    hi, there all new and i will it learn. but I recognized the following: - in google maps the right mouse button don't work - please bring the old favorite bar and the browser core switch back. mt dreas
  16. Just "upgraded" from 4.4.x.x to and noticed a very nasty behavior. My GPU (Radeon HD5850) starts running at full core and memory clock speeds just when I launch maxthon 4.9 (even when displaying only mx://last-visit/ page and nothing else). This makes the fans go loud and surely increases power consumption. When I use a 2-monitor setup the clocks remain at max speeds until I shut down Maxthon. When using just 1 monitor the clocks may go back to low speeds after like 10 seconds of inactivity but then any simple action like scrolling any page just a bit causes the clocks to go max again. (I have disabled smooth scrolling if that matters). This problem made me try mx5, it's somewhat better there - clocks go back to regular low speeds after just 1 second, those short spikes aren't as bad but still Maxthon 4.4 was way better. Is there any way to simply disable hardware acceleration in Mx4.9 or Mx5 ?
  17. Switch between modes

    Hi! Can you create a shortcut key for switch between Retro and Ultra mode, because now i need to open few menus to switch them? Thank you in advance!
  18. I noticed, that recently when I replace a word with spellchecker in Facebook comments it's not the word, that gets replaced, but.... Everything in the message before that word and the word itself. And it's replaced by a space. If I use this feature when posting on my page though - it's ok. Only affects the comments
  19. Please fix this bug. It's one year old bug! And not only apostrophe but also letters with diacritics are bugged. Maybe it does not look so in China, but it is very important for the global market!
  20. hi guys when i use this version of maxthon: i cant use addblock+ it doesnt block a single add and i cant change the settings. if i use the version of the main page, i can use addblock but there is a little window that when you remove it it makes maxthon crash. after that i cant login anymore
  21. I find that when using MCB I am unable to log into my router using Ultra mode. I enter and then get a sign in window but after entering the correct data and clicking login nothing ever happens. I have a quick access button too and this is continually searching. If I switch to IE mode then login happens normally. When I use MCB I am able to login normally in Ultra mode. I use portable versions only and the router is a Netgear DGND 3700.
  22. Hi, I am experiencing very annoying, but unfortunately not so unique problem on Google + in Maxthon. When I am writing new message via Google Hangouts, the whole page automatically refreshes itself. This happens only sometimes. I think I don't have to say that there isn't any problem in other browsers… I have already tried clean reinstallation, to disable Adblock and all other extensions and also delete cookies, but it never helped. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to solve this problem? Thank you!
  23. Please advise, In IE 11 (and almost all others) one can see the 'LOCK' button in address bar, namely 'Security Report', which shows you site's certificate status. I can't find such button in Maxthon 4. If there is not, I'd like to know - WHY THE HELL it is not implemented?! Haven't you read about China's MitM attack on iCloud and such?! mode off>
  24. Hi, Sorry if the problem has already been signaled but I don't get any result after a quick search on this forum... On some websites, some words are missing. This happens only in Ultra Mode. The problem was already present in Mx and probably also previous versions. You can test it on for example. 11717 Thanks
  25. 'invideo' buttons don't seem to work with Maxthon. If I open the same link in Chrome or Firefox it works.. It fails in IE as well. (Yes my Maxthon is in UltraMode) Here's something to test with You can click either on the left or right button/link in the video to continue on... As soon as you click it pauses the video. But honestly.. Since Maxthon 3.. I cannot remember any of these invideo buttons working.