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  1. In this version, the in-page search (CTRL+F) causes M5 to freeze. Have to boot it out in Task Manager. I use that feature a LOT! (Using Windows 10 latest updates)
  2. With version M5.1.0.1700 we received a Maxthon Now mini switch in settings, could someone please tell me what it is and how to find it.
  3. EVEN Beta V is still crashing from the download, too many crashes...., I had to revert back to v5.0.4.3000
  4. Actually Reinstalled and recent betas are crashing so much on multiple tabs, Please stabilize the version to handle good number of tabs to do our work, thanks
  5. Spell check not working

    The spell-check feature doesn't work for me at all. Here's an example: Hellow orld . Tested on v of MX PC.
  6. Maxthon doesn't have any way of notifying users of complete/failed downloads unless you keep open or open the download manager. Maxthon should use the notifications/action centre in windows to show when downloads complete/fail etc. Info here from MSDN
  7. export as a text file works, but export as html does not share : copy button does not work if I manually copy the link to open the note,, I get a dialogbox for share but text of icons is in chinese
  8. Share button in MX5

    Apologize ahead of time for this post.... Probably not in a correct area or something... I'm having to jump in and ask my ? under time constraints of travelling with my new job so... Since the beginning of BETA testing with MX5 I have asked, questioned.... requested a feature that is missing now from the Windows version which is being able to share a web page by clicking a "share link" for like to social media pages, etc.... MX5 for Android has this to the right of the address bar... MX4 preferably has it in the address part of the left of address with multi-purpose when its opened (favorites as well as share). Any regards on this would be appreciated... where to post this or ..........??!!!! Thanks, zach
  9. Why are the translations not being updated in new releases? I just noticed this string before: It's cut off for some weird reason (works fine in en-US?!), but turns out i've translated this to Set display folder for Favourites bar. There's also: I added the &nbsp ages ago because of the missing space. Since then it was changed and isn't required anymore. But this old string is still being used despite the translation being updated and approved four (4) months ago! As with the android translation issue, there's been 3 releases in the past week. While I understand that each release might focus on particular bugs, I find it odd that a new set of language files can't be added to the update to ensure that the most recent is always used. So i'm not sure if i'm missing something, looking at this wrong, or this is an issue where translations are on the backburner for the time being, but I think it needs to be looked at.
  10. I find myself repeating " Enable "Standard rendering in Retro mode" in Settings > Advanced > Browsing" way too much. Is it possible that this option can be set to default in new releases of Maxthon? Most users that try Retro do it because Ultra isn't working due to an outdated core, or weird MX incompatibility. In most cases using Retro with Standard rendering fixes it because they use the IE11 renderer which is much more compatible than the "compatibility mode" IE8 version. If possible a popup can then be added after the Retro switch over "If the site still doesn't work, try disabling "Standard rendering in Retro mode" in Settings". I'm confident that there'll be a lot less complaints from users when doing the Ultra > Retro switch if this was done.
  11. I think I may have mentioned this ages ago... and it's still not fixed. Can someone please fix this in reader mode! Looks completely out of place compared to some of the UI design shown on first use - see the Maxnote icon info bubble below. The reader mode ones should follow the same design.
  12. Is anyone else having troubles with whatsapp online notification popups that doesn't disappear by theirself?
  13. Anyone notice or have an issue where when switching tabs you get a flash of white before the new tab shows? If you switch between two tabs that have recently been opened there's no problem. But switch to one that's been left open for a while then you see the problem. Another way to check is quickly ctrl-tab through the tabs, you'll get white screens on any tabs that will cause the problem, while others will display the page properly. The tab switching seems to be faster than previous releases where there seemed to be a delay after clicking a tab, but now the white flash is quite annoying. Video attached. There's only one evident white flash towards the start (at about 2secs into the video). Video has also been slowed down a little make it a little more evident. Although the other tab switches also showed it, i think the slow frame rate may have dropped those ones. Will try and get a better one at some stage. white flash.mkv
  14. Magnet links aren't recognised. Can't do anything. It's not related to the program set to open magnet links, MX won't even recognise it for it to get that far.
  15. Well, I thought I had seen another comment thread for 1700 but I can't seem to find it so I'll comment here. I am finding that Passkeeper/Magic Fill is fully populated with my previous data but in this version I am not having anything in forms auto-filled. Right clicking and selecting fill forms works but it's not as it's supposed to work. And I also experience that it is not offering to save new log-ins and passwords. And when I attempt to manually add an item (from the drop down that comes from the ? at the right top of the screen) the entire page is in Chinese and unusable for this language deficient old man. Also I found that I can not edit the URL of a Passkeeper entry in the Edit dialog box, since I'm not asked to save the info right now. Sorry, I don't recall this issue in 1600, but I no longer have that release installed to check and see. This is the latest install version download and a clean install on a Windows 10 Home 64bit desktop system.
  16. I want to go back to when downloading videos on facebook worked. Thanks.
  17. all my saved sites in QA are lost, they are replaced with the last opened sites