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  1. I've been forever complaining about some of the UI issues in MX. While things have improved since MX4, there are still some things out of place, or just plain not updated because of whatever reason. So in the same spirit of the Typo's, grammar issues etc... lets make a list! thread... here we go with MX UI issues...lets make a list!! Although somehow I don't think it will get the same response as the other thread... of which also has been somewhat slow to fix issues of late... So off we go... Lock button has text lower than the Security button A message about Chrome?? Not sure how this came up, nor have I seen it more than twice, but still i'll add it in Reader mode: The search bars are different in Maxnote and Passkeeper. In Maxnote - Colours are lighter, smaller text, different magnifying glass icon Choose one style and make them the same. Different heading style compared to downloader/ABP/clear browsing data/sniffer dialogs etc. FIXED - In QA setttings, "background" is cut off even though there is plenty of room for the (?) to be moved to the right: More to come... Once they've been looked at it would be nice if the UI could get a slight make over. Currently it's very static, buttons are either on/off, there's no movement. Add some animation (eg. fade in/out) when moving over tabs/buttons. Opening/closing tabs is very, very jerky compared to almost every other browser. The latest Firefox looks amazing, animation on hovering over the tabs, a colour flourish when a tab is loaded, animated refresh button, fades on menus. Even just the fade on the text in the tab bar when the titles are too long - it looks better than the ellipsis (...) that Maxthon uses. All very small things, but they complete the experience and makes the whole browser look very polished and complete. The new Maxnote style is nice. The animated drop shadows when hovering over items is a nice touch. Hopefully that starts making it's way into the rest of the browser over time.
  2. some sites open with incredible small font,example - gmail (win10)
  3. Hello is there a way or tool to save my current session (all my open pages) and save them that way afterwards i may open them up all again?
  4. "installation failed, try to change the install location" actually, I just closed maxthon before installing the upade and it worked
  5. @7twenty why do you feel the need to move comments from this thread you say in the new thread you have created No one should be posting in there anyway i think the post above disagrees with you comments here are more relevant and maybe more likely to be seen - i accept that not all posters can post in the section that is the error imo not the posts from those who can if the bugs dont want comment they should lock the thread not restrict access - i doubt they even know that flag is set
  6. Magic Fill not working on Form not filled. mx5.2.5.600
  7. The main enemy of the user is the on-line quick access page - Dev's do not care about the constant complaints that the browser is loaded very, very long due to on-line QA page. Dev's do not respond to requests - Dev's live in their own world... unfortunately...
  8. Tab manager extension language strings

    Please don't forget to add the Tab Manager strings to Crowdin before the new release!!!