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  1. Last Session Usage Help

    Hello, so far I am loving MX5! It works well for me watching youtube videos again and streaming. It took a minute to get used to the new layout, but I dig it. The only thing Im having a hard time using.. is the Last Session feature. does not seem to work for me. Or maybe I'm not seeing how to use it right MX5. In MX4 It always saved my last session and I had my settings to always "Open From Last Session". If I closed out the browser with tabs open it would open with them again. And if a browser window was closed due to crash or error on my part.. the Last Session would open upon a new launch of the browser. However with MX5, Last Session does not seem to open for me. I've had a crash already with MX5 and when I reopened it, when i click on the "Last Session" tab, nothing happens. There aren't any of my previous tabs opened in the last session. In fact it says clearly, "Pages Were All Closed". So is there some other kind of setting I have to do to make my Last Session saved and not this Pages Were All Closed? Its a little frustrating. I have to go back into my History to try and find the pages I was on before the crash or accidental close outs. I really liked the Last Session feature on MX4 and would love to use it for MX5 as I love how great its working for me now compare to MX4.