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  1. all my saved sites in QA are lost, they are replaced with the last opened sites
  2. Magnet links aren't recognised. Can't do anything. It's not related to the program set to open magnet links, MX won't even recognise it for it to get that far.
  3. I think I may have mentioned this ages ago... and it's still not fixed. Can someone please fix this in reader mode! Looks completely out of place compared to some of the UI design shown on first use - see the Maxnote icon info bubble below. The reader mode ones should follow the same design.
  4. Example: Version: on Windows 10 OS EDIT: after duplicating its tab, it works somehow..
  5. Hi there, Have you noticed that the Quick Access is independent of other parts of MX5? Now we have uploaded the source language file of QA page to Crowdin, and you can go and translate QA to your language now! I'm glad that some versions have been finished, and these languages are waiting for more translators: Arabic, Basque, Czech, en-UK, Estonian, Hebrew, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. Tomorrow, 5.18 I mean, the dev team will collect these files and apply to the next coming version. So if we could finish the translation by tomorrow. That will be highly appreciated!!! B.R. Jelly
  6. I have a problem which causes M5 to crash everytime. I open one instance to watch a youtube video. Open a second instance and do a search from google. As soon as I start to type in the address bar M5 crashes. Edit: This happens even in the first window with only one window too.Simply type directly into the address bar and M5 crashes. M5.0.4.700 Maybe happening with one instance because a process remains from the previous session crash. So I can search from the address bar if there are no residue processes running. So again, if I try a search with 2 instances running, Maxthon will crash leaving a process running in background. Now opening only one window will not allow me to search from the address bar without crashing.
  7. Example here. On Chrome and FF, it shows a bouncing ball, but on MX, it shows a static ball. No animation. Tested on MX PC