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  1. I've been dealing with this problem for two weeks! No one gives me a solution. I'm already tired of this browser! Where are the Mx4 programmers? Video_8-23-2017_2-10-42_AM_-_Streamable.mp4
  2. I'm not able to get Google Earth to display on M5.1.1.1000 in either ultra or retro mode despite being able to use it on Chrome, although not IE. According to Google, chrome is required to run Google Earth. What ever happened to Google open code policy? IE Message Edge message
  3. In version (and I think earlier), when pressing the play/pause button on a popped out video it continues playing straight afterwards. Happens when clicked using the mouse, or using spacebar. Using the play/pause button on the actual YT video tab works properly whether the video is popped out or not. Tested on a clean portable version. Win10/15063.540.
  4. When viewing an image in Image Viewer that you've resized or rotated, the image returns to its default state when going into fullscreen. re: Key Changes This update fixed the following issues: - Add full screen viewing mode into local image viewer Translations need to be updated for image viewer.
  5. Passport not signing in

    Had to close Maxthon and when I came back Passport wouldn't sign in. Anyone else seeing this? Kept getting "System error 999"
  6. many issues

    the new official version of M5 that was just released recently I had to uninstall it and went back to V, I went to to do a simple upload of a picture and at first it didnt even display the options to unpload it till I refreshed it again, I went to ESPN to do my fantasy baseball line-up and it didnt display the move player options for the line-up until I refreshed it again, I went to picmonkey for a simple crop edit on a photo and it took forever for the edit options to even run, my music website doesnt display VLC media players no more in ultra mode and the chat box doesnt work right in retro mode so that became obsolete, I went to play a radio stream link for Coast to Coast AM and that normally links right up to VLC and it doesnt even show the VLC player no more, sometimes when I close a tab my Maxthon homepage where the main search browser bar is the homepage blinks once and the page goes blank for a second then reappears and in most cases using the new official version pages load very slow, I have none of these problems with V, the only problem I have with this older version is it crashes quite a bit but thats really not no big issue I've gotten used to it, the changes for me are very noticeable and I wont be able to use those newer ones if thats where the direction is heading, the comparison to the older version Im using again now compared to the latest official release is like night & day, Its not even close to the same thing anymore Lol
  7. Anyone notice or have an issue where when switching tabs you get a flash of white before the new tab shows? If you switch between two tabs that have recently been opened there's no problem. But switch to one that's been left open for a while then you see the problem. Another way to check is quickly ctrl-tab through the tabs, you'll get white screens on any tabs that will cause the problem, while others will display the page properly. The tab switching seems to be faster than previous releases where there seemed to be a delay after clicking a tab, but now the white flash is quite annoying. Video attached. There's only one evident white flash towards the start (at about 2secs into the video). Video has also been slowed down a little make it a little more evident. Although the other tab switches also showed it, i think the slow frame rate may have dropped those ones. Will try and get a better one at some stage. white flash.mkv
  8. This has been brought up a few times before i think. MX needs to fix up it's session management. When you have more than one maxthon window open, if one window has 10 tabs open and the other has 2 tabs open, if the 10 tab window is closed before the 2 tab window, the 10 tabs are lost. On restart using the mx://last-visit/ page only the 2 tab window sites are shown.
  9. Maxthon doesn't have any way of notifying users of complete/failed downloads unless you keep open or open the download manager. Maxthon should use the notifications/action centre in windows to show when downloads complete/fail etc. Info here from MSDN
  10. I think I may have mentioned this ages ago... and it's still not fixed. Can someone please fix this in reader mode! Looks completely out of place compared to some of the UI design shown on first use - see the Maxnote icon info bubble below. The reader mode ones should follow the same design.
  11. Is it possible to set/have same links in QA on android as QA from pc with same account?
  12. The main big silding show area is totally black. If you click one video and then click sample video, it's also blank, too. On Chrome, they works well! IE works well for sliding show are but not sample video. Do they use some special javascript tool that only Google's product can work? p.s. the link is site of natural high in Japan, in case some one wants to test.
  13. EVEN Beta V is still crashing from the download, too many crashes...., I had to revert back to v5.0.4.3000
  14. In this version, the in-page search (CTRL+F) causes M5 to freeze. Have to boot it out in Task Manager. I use that feature a LOT! (Using Windows 10 latest updates)
  15. Actually Reinstalled and recent betas are crashing so much on multiple tabs, Please stabilize the version to handle good number of tabs to do our work, thanks