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  1. I am having difficulties with in Maxthon When I click on Settings, I get no Settings dialog box. Or if I click on attachment, I get a list of icons like Photos & Videos, Camera etc. but I cant get anything further if I click on any of them. Clicking on any of them have no effect. Pop-ups are not blocked. I use Windows 10 64. I have no problem in Maxthon 5 or other browsers
  2. Hi I am on maxthon + win7 my browser was fine and I had shortcuts on fav bar like this(image 1): all was good, till I was prompted today for an upgrade. I did and regretted the scenario. My fav. bar was gone and I have to logon with a mail a/c and all new features that I do not want etc etc.. I dont need all this so I went for a system recovery on my machine from 13 april-17, knowing I will have all intact as I want them to be. after the system recovery, Maxthon is (visually) back to how it was, but my 'settings' page are coming up like this(image 2) and the most Important for me is this part(image 3): magic settings it does not respond to what I choose from the radio buttons anymore. so I can not seem to have the same functionality ( user name | pwd) automatically filled up when I browse all known forms that I frequently visit . How can I revert back to the magic settings and make the 'settings' page the way it was.(before the update) Thank You
  3. I used to use Maxthon v4.4.8.2000 with Windows 7, but my all-in-one PC died. I got a new all-in-one PC which has Windows 10 and webpages do not appear correctly when I use Maxthon v4.4.8.2000. I would use Maxthon 5, but it is, em, not very good. How have you become so bad at making web-browsers Maxthon?