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  1. Google Sheets is unusable as of today for me. Every spreadsheet I try to open gets locked into a "reload" cycle, with the following errors appearing while trying to access any spreadsheet: A server error occured. Please press 'Reload' in your browser. Unable to load file. Try to load it again or send an error report. [Reload] Something went wrong. Please Reload. This seems to only happen in Maxthon, since I did not encounter this issue with a few other browsers. I was using MX I tried updating to MX v4.9.5.1000 but that did not help. I tried clearing browsing data, and reseting cache under advanced settings. I also tried a new UserAgent string to no avail. ----------- There is a related issue with Google Sheets home screen, where that page is also getting stuck into a "reload" cycle, with the following errors: Home screen is temporarily unavailable. Try to load it again or send an error report. [Reload] I started enountering this issue about a week ago but I never reported it since the page was still usable for a few seconds before the forced reload message appeared, which was long enough for me to choose a spreadsheet. I cannot use Maxthon for the time being due to this bug as I work on spreadsheets all the time
  2. I use MX4.9 and I want to play video in this link: but it doesn't work. It should have play icon on top left side of the black area and the number on top right side should start count down. MX5 seems ok but for personal reason, I need to use MX4.9 on one of my computer. Can anyone help?
  3. I would like to report two sites not working with Maxthon 4.9: Every github repository when you click on a file or folder, there are javascript errors, you can't navigate sources topics sidebar is rendered incorrectly These bugs are probably related to the very old version of chrome engine used, please update it Thanks