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  1. As the subject line says, after a couple of days with the latest Android version, I am impressed. Speed is better, stability is better, the more traditional layout is nice. However, I really would like a Desktop UserAgent/PC Mode to be included again. That is important for me, I hope it can be brought back. Thx!
  2. No V5 update for tablet version ? I love it because it has tab like pc version, standard version NO !
  3. Hi all, recently swotched to android and try mx5 from play store... There is version 5.0.3032, that seems to never esxists here in the forum where the actual official is .3040. What is the policy to realese versions on the official store?
  4. For MX5 mobile version (I only tested for Android), currently URLs opened from other apps will be added to MX5's main tab stack. As you can see below. So what happens now is as shown below, which you will find quite inconvenient. if (there's no tabs open in MX5) { you will have to tap 'back' twice to go back to previous app (since MX5 home tab is opened by default) } else { if (there's no important tab in MX5 that you want to keep) { continuously tap 'back' until you go back to previous app } else { tap 'back' to close the tab opened just now, then tap 'recent' to find and go to previous app } } My suggestion I just confirmed that Chrome Android version is not using it's main Activity to open URLs, so you can always tap 'back' once to go back to previous app. I'm not familiar with iOS but for Android I think you guys can handle URL Intents (I think it's an Intent) in a separate Activity. I believe you guys have already wrote your own WebView, it won't take too much work to give a stand-alone WebView Activity for MX5. I think that's all, thanks!
  5. How does mx android determine the language in use? My phone is set to en-AU, but MX is using en-US? I would have thought that the fallback would have been en-GB? Even changing the phone to en-GB, of which there is a language file on crowdin, it still uses the en-US version language file!? Also some changes as noted in the sticky thread on the front page weren't updated in this release? Any reasons why? I'll be updating with the missing/unchanged issues later.
  6. Is there a way to do these: 1. Change the default Search Engine? 2. Force it to Reload all open tabs at each launch/crash? Thanks.
  7. I've noticed that with every update of Mx on Android, Facebook Mobile ( loses more and more functionality. At first there was a problem in messaging that did not let you upload files (the file choice pop-up would not appear). Then the on-screen keyboard started covering the message input field and would not allow to scroll any lower. With the most recent update the browser either refuses to load part of the content or just doesn't allow users to scroll as it seems to cut off a page, sometime in a middle of a post/comment. Regarding the new UI - loving it. However, the ability to switch between mobile and desktop versions of websites seem to have been misplaced (or maybe I just haven't found it). Also, I'm using Mx on both my phone and tablet (both on Android 4.2.2) and while they're on the same version, Mx on phone still has the old UI. Is it based on the screen resolution or something? It would be nice to be able to choice the UI on mobile too, if it's so. Regarding ad blocking, it seems that as ABP is becoming more and more obsolete with each day due to ads becoming "smarter", EasyList is getting less attention. While on desktop it's easy to remedy the situation by adding custom rules, Android version does not have such a luxury. Would it be possible to make the browser synchronize custom rules as well as to be shared between devices?
  8. I'm on the latest android version of Maxthon ( Build 2915) using a Samsung Galaxy S3 (L710). I connect my account and can sync tabs but it will not sync favorites. Every time I try it connects to server then says "It didn't sync. Maybe you're not connected?" I have changed the settings to manual to sync since don't have wifi where I am. I have tried with adblock plus enabled and disabled. I have logged in and out multiple times and stay connected on my laptop at the same time. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the browser but still same error is given. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this feature was the main reason I decided to even use the mobile version of Maxthon.
  9. Every time I try to access my university account, I have to type in my username and password. Strangely, this only happens on my Samsung galaxy tab s, but not my phone which has all my details ready to log in. The only thing it does is give me a suggestion for my username when I type the first letter of my username. Both are synched to my maxthon account. Please help me with this because I use my tablet a lot for uni, thanks.
  10. Hi, Can anyone offer me a link to download Maxthon onto my Android handset whilst avoiding Google Play? I found one before, but my handset has recently been wiped, & I cannot find the link again. Thank you, Justin
  12. Swiftkey keyboard has problem with Maxthon in Googlettranslatepage while typing
  13. each 1hour 40 percent battery drained when Maxthon browser is opened always last release
  14. Yesterday MX updated to build 2915 and now opening a site in new tab (foreground or background) does not work. Or rather it works for the 1st tab you open after application start, but then, even if you choose to open a link in another tab it opens in current one. If you close the 1st tab and re-open it - all new pages will always open in current one, too.
  15. Can not adjust sound in video clip in video clip Webpage area like YouTube. com
  16. Why Maxthon is still not available for Android 5? I have Android 5 updated for over a month now on my Nexus and still can not use Maxthon as it is not available for newest Android! Come on....
  17. SkyNote

    Hi all. My PC Maxthon browser skynote and the one on my android does not look the same. The Samsung phone says sync successful and the browser gives no errors. But they don't look the same. I created 7 notes on my phone and my browser is empty Please help. I would love to use it on my phone and my pc
  18. Hi, I just got a new android mobile and all favorites synced correctly.. the only thing that won't sync over devices it's "quick access", is that an expected behaviour or have you guys some tips to solve the issue? Thanks a lot, Giulio
  19. If I am typing a word in russian/ukrainian, then suggestions in Suggestion List contain only wrong symbols (diamonds).
  20. just for God go to above link and download it with Maxthon last release under Android and click on green button to be downloaded, and in fact 3 times clicks is need to download that book I easily can download it in other browser with just one clicking! It might for you correctly but it is not sometimes it'swork sometimes not and needs to clicking times on green button or click to try download again
  21. I just updated to the newest version of Maxthon, but when I tried to log on to one of the forums that I frequent, it says my cookie is not enabled. I checked the settings, the cookie is enabled. So there may be a bug in the latest version on Maxthon Android not accepting cookies. Please fix it.Thanks.
  22. Text auto-fitting feature does not work correctly on my 5 inch FHD Huawei Honor 6, 4.4.2. Pls see screenshots from Maxthon v4.3.8.2000 build 2910 and Chrome 40.0.2214.89. You can see that in maxthon the font size is different among one forum thread while in chrome the font size not changes from post to post. So the thread reading is too difficult in maxthon. The original link on the thread in screenshot here. Maxthon Chrome
  23. I saw another message asking that an automatic save feature be added to Magic Fill. But I don't have Magic Fill at all. I'm using a Galaxy Note 4. Is there something I must do to activate Magic Fill in the Android version? It's really a pain typing in passwords all the time on those virtual keyboards.
  24. I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 4.4.2 installed and I can not store passwords and user name of any site and also do not appear in the standard keyboard keys preceding and following very useful for me. Thanks to everyone who answers Didi
  25. Check out those videos, that show how Material-design work on Android Lollipop: I can't view any of them, yet on Chrome it shows fine. How could it be?