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  1. Hello everyone! I am using Version: OS: 6.1.7601.Service Pack 1 IE: 11.0.9600.17633 And I constantly get the warning of a crash report of the MXUp.exe locatted in the folder MxUpIni located in the \AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\Temp\MxUp. the folder in question appears to be corrupted and inaccessible. Is there any way to fix that? It is really frustrating because I get the popup of the crash even at time that I am not using maxthon....
  2. When i have a link like this:click methe file will be downloaded using utf-8 and not using windows-1252 encoding. If you have Excel, you can clearly see this, as Excel will open any csv file using ANSI (for me that is windows-1252) Encoding. So you can see that the chars are not encoded right. If you are not on a computer where ANSI is windows-1252, try it with your local ANSI codepage.
  3. Stay Signed In

    Hello all, how do I make it so that Maxthon keeps me signed in to facebook and other websites instead of having to keep signing in every time I go there?
  4. SSLv3 error alert

    Today, my girlfriend tells me if she gets an ssl error alert from the web which more or less like this. "The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite. This is usually caused when the server needs SSLv3 support, which has been removed." I have tried to check and do the SSLv3 test on and unfortunately both on Ultra or Retro mode got same result with this notice. "Warning! Your browser supports SSLv3." I also take some test on the other browser like Nitro, IE, Chrome, Yandex and Firefox and each one of those passes the test without warning and only Maxthon which is fails. So, I just curious, is there a way to disable the SSLv3 in Maxthon? is Maxthon still safe for us?
  5. I love using Maxthon (version but it has suddenly begun to behave badly and is irritating me. My favourites, my RSS feeds and even my opening page details have all disappeared and have been substituted by earlier ones that I have abandoned a long time ago. I can get the current ones back but what a nuisance it is! Each time I use the programme I have to run the download manager and enter my user name and password. Then the old details mysteriously re-appear. What's going on here? How can I get back to where I was so very recently? Following the FAQ about missing Favourites has not worked. I would be very glad to have some help with this.
  6. I am trying to entering to this website to confirm if it is valid or not ! My question is What's wrong ???? here the pictures
  7. I would like to ask to improve MX4s performance and overall responsiveness Starting from opening a new tab because it takes some time to load new tab after some time opening the browser, Its responsiveness because after visiting some site then returning to some sites you need to type, It sometimes become unresponsive. Improve file type recognized by the video floatbar since this is the part Mozilla Firefox with IDM integration beats Mx because it supports more file types to be downloaded(Ex: Flash Games played can be detected by IDM on Mozilla and can be downloaded easily) Also, Can Magic Fill fill different accounts on one site by picking which should be filled?
  8. I've noticed that Feed Reader loses some items from my feeds. It is really sadly because I like Feed Reader's flat design and it works much faster that Feedly. For example, (sorry for non-English link) I've pointed missing items: 12052 12053 For other feeds it persists too but less often (~1 from 10).
  9. I'm talking about this one: It already works on Chrome, FireFox, and Opera...
  10. Hi, For some reason when I try to view YouTube video in fullscreen while using HTML5 player, it appears to run at something like 10 frames per second. When not in fullscreen or while using Flash player, it plays smoothly. I tried Firefox and there is no problem there. I also tried reinstalling Maxthon without success. Any tips?
  11. hi ... i'am using mx4 and the problem is settings won't save even if it says "settings saved", I can't change the settings to the one I want and I can't set it to default
  12. I have problem with video playback on some pages, frame rate is something around 10-15fps whereas one CPU core is fully loaded (I'm using Intel i7). Example of such page is at - i get to it from the default Maxthon's home page Please try this one for example Note: it uses flash for playback. Note: i've checked i'm having the latest version of flash according to this thread The same plays absolutely fine in Chrome - no 'slugishness' and CPU usage is around 3-5% (of all 8 cores), Maxthon takes 15% (this is more than 1 complete loaded CPU core).
  13. Magic Fill

    If i delete unused entries from magic fill, when I sync maxthon on another computer the deleted entries are still on the other computer. I have to manually remove entries from both accounts on each computer.
  14. Hi Guys, So I have this weird problem where when I try to get into Facebook (especially when there are posts and messages waiting for me), the site becomes very unresponsive to the point where I just have to close it and use a different browser in order to access the posts / messages. I have not seen this problem with any other website. The only way for me to view the post or msg is to just use a another browser like Chrome or Firefox. Just to cover my bases, I am running Windows 8.1 and Maxthon v (the latest version according to Maxthon:About.) If I do not have any new posts, or no one has attempted to message me, I can use the site just fine, but once someone does, and I click on the Facebook tab, or I open Facebook and there is a message / post waiting for me, the page will not load. I have tried many things to get past this, suck as simply closing the tab and opening anew. Nope. I have tried closing the browsers, rebooting (Why? Because nothing else worked! lol) Nope, nadda.) Clearing cache, history. Gone as far as to use CClearner to help clean something that may just be hiding..No way!.... Ok, So how-about clearing the cookies for Facebook? (F12/resources, use at your own risk if you aren't sure what you are doing) Clearing cookies did not help either. So guys as you can see, I don't know what or why I am having this problem and it's is only with Facebook, and only when there is a new post or personal message to me. Otherwise there is not problem moving about Facebook. If anyone can provide me with some suggestions, I would really be appreciated. It makes absolutely no sense to me what so ever. If I had to venture a guess as to the problem, I would say that it was either an issue with corrupt cookies, or corrupt cache, however, clearing these does not seem to help out at all, and that puts me at a huge loss. The worse part is clearing cleaning these does not seem to be helping me get past this. My only solution thus far is to just use another browser. I was looking through the forums, and I came a across another thread that I am not sure but could be similar to this. I am not real sure but since this problem seems was out there, It thought I would mention it anyway incase they are related, plus it would help silence those that think that people don't search the forums here before opening a new thread! Check out this link May not have anything to do with my issue, but who knows. Anyway, if anyone has any ideas please let me know!
  15. This isn't a major issue, but Ali Express and iTao are broken for me. They load fine, but I cannot click on anything. It has partial functionality, but not full functionality. This happened with the recent beta and latest version.

    Videos are loading on feed but not playing, I have to go through 4 or 5 in the thread before one starts to play, or close the page and reload the page to have the videos to play but there is no sound.
  17. Maxthon has recently been being seriously unresponsive, on both a decent laptop of which I've been using maxthon for many months, and even on a speedy desktop which has been using it for multiple weeks. I'm not sure what is causing this, but common forms of it are tab switching and tab refreshing lags a couple seconds. Sometimes opening a new tab will lag for a substantial amount of time; once the new tab would never load nor respond either indefinitely, surprisingly duplicating a working tab was the only way to browse then. And no, I'm not referring to tabs that have been cached into VRAM/SWAP, that's not the problem. Nor do I have many extensions nor any skin modifications that would affect performance.
  18. Where does Maxthon store the default quick access backgrounds?
  19. it says .cxr i think but when i click on it to install it, it asks me to select a a program to open it with but when i select maxthon it does not work. help
  20. hi, google maps works not in 3d mode. every time, i switch manualy to 3d, the browser falls back to lite-mode. version and newer.
  21. Hi, It's been years I complain/report that locked tabs opens in reverse order, I do have to open and close Maxthon twice to get it in the right order, still not fixed... Also, I can't use it for several seconds even on an i7 5930K because of the many tabs I open at launch (between 10 and 15), because Maxthon is still monothreaded, where other browsers opens multiple processes to have each tab in a process. Maxthon opens several processes but not one by tab, so it struggles to render some tabs when several are opened. I'm really looking forward to Project Spartan on Windows 10 once it's available, even in preview, as IE11 is even faster and synchronize way better on my phone/PCs, Spartan sounds to be even better than that, Maxthon on WP8.1 is a joke, besides favorites nothing is synchronized. I think I'll finally move and use less and less Maxthon, just testing builds to see if anything changes.
  22. scenario: go to website. Choose a very popular meme there. go to "View All Images" under "Recent Images". open multiple tabs for each image that you see, like so: open about 5 images in background tabs, scroll down, open more, scroll down, etc... do this till you have about 20-30 tabs. wait for all of them to load (finish the animated icon). Now, try to go to one of the opened tabs, preferably the newest/oldest one you've created. You'll see that it didn't load at all, and you might not even see it loading if you stay for a long time. On some cases, it will refresh itself on its own, but on some it will just stay blank. This doesn't occur only on this website, and it's not that my PC can't handle it. It also occurs on others. When it occurs, I notice that one process or two of Maxthon uses a lot of CPU, and doesn't stop. When I restart it, it goes back to normal - I visit each tab and it refreshes itself. other websites that it occurs on are when I open multiple articles from Android-blogs:
  23. So it seems like every time I have an inclination to use resource sniffer, it never detects anything. Usually this is for downloading audio files, like podcasts. I'm running Maxthon, but this has been an issue for me since resource sniffer was first introduced, which is why I never use it. 2 example URLs where I'm having trouble: Both pages have the mp3 links explicitly in the page's code, not hidden buried in javascript or AJAX or server-side scripts. So I'm at a loss as to why resource sniffer doesn't detect them. If this is something I can fix on my end, I'll gladly accept help. Otherwise, consider this a bug report.
  24. Why is ad block making browsing ugly???? older v4.4.3.4 mostly clean with few hides 11777 new v4.4.4.2 is full of hide and put ad here, makes me think adhunter worked better can you remove them in the next update? 11778